17: Tyson Hartnett | Author and Founder of Athlete Minded

Johnathan Gryzbowski

April 4, 2016

Not only did Tyson Hartnett write a book called “Hoop Dreams Fulfilled”, he also decided to create a podcast that discusses the real issues of life after collegiate sports! Athlete Minded focuses on mental development that helps athletes with their minds and careers. It’s a great listen. Give it a try.

Tyson loves basketball. In fact, he has been playing basketball for a large majority of his life. He played basketball in grade school, high school, college, and even overseas (both Europe and South America) The 6’5″ PF realized that he’s been through a lot. He’s been through different coaches, basketball politics, recruiting, and even different teammates. So after he got injured, what would Tyson do?

Tyson decided to take his knowledge about athletics and wanted to make his mark by helping the next generation of athletes.

At first, Tyson had a basketball training website that he later transitioned it into a book. He slowly realized that everyone was doing the education game and most recently organized a mental development program to help athletes find additional resources.

There aren’t many resources out there to help those who went through the collegiate programs and explain what can happen to your life, after collegiate sports. The life of transitioning after college sports is important. To many, that’s all they knew. They’ve been playing the sport they love for their entire life. Almost every student in collegiate sports  doesn’t have an internship or a job history, what do you do next?

To answer that question, head over to Tyson’s podcast.

Tyson has a great sense of humor, which that small personality trait is hard to teach. Being a people person is necessary for success. Listen at the 18:20 mark to learn additional advice from the former athlete turned entrepreneur:


Don’t Look at Competition Too Much

“There is always going to be competition, there are always people doing than you, and its also easy to be jealous. Competition isn’t a bad thing. Just because your buddy is making millions, and you’re making only $30k, is ok. Trust your path.”

If Everyone is Doing the Same Thing, Do Something Different

Tyson used to worked at a car dealership and it was custom to shake a customers hand and greet them at the door. So every sales person would constantly stay in the same spot, expecting the people to walk in. It would be at that point that they would hope to get the sale. Well, if the best sales person is doing that exact same thing, try and find a different strategy that they aren’t doing. So stand in a different spot, maybe go to the back and work your way to the front. “Rookie” entrepreneurs look at the same industry and try to replicate it, Tyson realized that everyone was educating people about sports. So Tyson decided to go a different route.

Have a Good Team Around You

“Have people push you and bring you back down to reality. Money is a big portion in business, but have those people who can tell you it’s ok to be where you’re at.”

One of my favorite quotes from this podcast is as follows:

“Trust your own journey and trust you’re doing the right thing. Embrace the journey.”