Tech we use at Penji

Johnathan Gryzbowski

December 6, 2018

These tools are in alphabetical order, that way we are fair and not showing favoritism in anyway. All of these websites will be in the show notes that way you can go ahead and use them yourself if you so choose. I’d also love to hear your favorite tools that you use. 

Now, before we get into the list, I have to give a huge disclaimer. At Penji, we are huge proponents of the ideology of less is more. We do everything we humanly possibly can in order to eliminate a large majority of tech. We never want to rely on tech or even tools for that matter to move our business forward. 

A lo of times and I see this in the comment section on Facebook, where people are constantly asking for new tools. The problem with this mentality is that there are ALWAYS going to be new tech and new tools that look awesome. But do you REALLY need these tools? 

If I were starting over, I’d find the essentials and stick with them and find a way to make them work. I can give you several examples of times where we started with a tool and shifted our entire company around this one tool, only to never use it in a few weeks. 

So just be careful when implementing new tools and tech. Only make the final decision on the tool if you are 1000% confident that this tool is THE solution for your business.

Active Campaign

Active campaign is an email automation tool used for things like drip campaigns and marketing emails. We have found this tool to be rather useful and it’s our primarily tool we use to generate new leads from prospects that may be interested in Penji.


Buffer is a common tool that is used by many small and large businesses. We use buffer to schedule out our social media strafes and content. Pretty basic stuff. Doesn’t require a ton of tech knowledge. Plug and play solution.

Custom code connectivity tools

Some of the hardest things to track are to-do lists, time stamps, and accountability softwares. We went ahead and coded custom solutions and tools that allows us to get a glance at our business in under one screen. We have the luxury of being designers and developers, so we can create these tools relatively easily. It may not be the same for others, but these tools allows us to keep track of important tasks and hold one another accountable for the completion or at times, the non completion of our tasks.


It’s a hard drive in the cloud. Get it, even if you think you don’t need it. Use it as a backup solution. It will come in handy. Especially if you’re in the tech industry.

Google Suites

I had no idea what website to add. So I just put I feel like you already know this one, but the Google Suite is by far one of the most important tools to ever exist on the planet. We use practically every solution they have created and we recommend you use them too.


Again, another tool that is absolutely awesome. We’ve used a couple of website tools and it was rather difficult to find that one tool that made sense. We used Intercom and we knew it was he right solution. Intercom is a tool that allows your prospect and even your customers to immediately reach out to you for questions or concerns. 

Personally, I have seen a huge increase in sales based off of the number of inquiries on the website. The more times a person clicks on that chat, the more likely they are to become a customer. 


Only if you make it a priority and it’s something you genuinely give a crap about. If this isn’t something you care about, don’t do it. But for us in the tech industry, there’s always a question of some sorts. Maybe about the service, the product, the customer account. So many things. 

What I like specifically about Intercom is the help desk that they give you, pending your membership, and how easily integrated the help desk is within the chat itself.


We are constantly updating our website. Testing and tweaking new ways to make Penji better. What better way to compare new and old versions of Penji than to use a product like Invision. Invision is a digital design platform that will allow you to show off and text wireframes with your executive teams or internal dev/design team. 

We use this directly before we begin development on all projects. Great tool.

Lucky Orange

Ever want to know how people are reacting to particular portions of your website? Well Lucky Orange is a tool that allows you to visualize what works on your site. They offer a wide spread of tools. I’ll be perfectly honest, we are not too big on their chat feature, However, we believe their heat map is world class and probably one of the best in the heat map industry.


I mean come on. One of the OG’s of email marketing. We primarily use this tool for large email lists. A lot of people in the tech world don’t like it. I don’t see why you wouldn’t. We know there are better tools, but why fix something that isn’t broke.


Apprehensive to add this to the list, but this is our phone service.

SE Ranking Pro 

SEO is very important if and only if you can do it effectively. We use SE Ranking Pro for our keyword management. It’s a great tool that tracks the keywords, the rank of the keyword, and how your webpages are doing on Google. 

This type of tool only works if you use it almost every single day. So if you’re not committed to SEO, this tool will not be effective for you.

Send Grid

Send Grid is used for customer facing emails. All of the alerts and all of the pings that most of us get with our favorite SAAS service, normally comes from a company like Send Grid. It definitely takes a certain scenario to use this tool, so invest some time in researching this tool.


This podcast and even shades of success are all hosted on Simplecast. The team is awesome. It’s a young team of creatives. They are immensely into customer service, which I personally love. They are relatively new to the podcast hosting world. They may not rack up to the giants but I think they are just as good, if not better.

I’ve used a ton of podcast hosting companies and not one of them amazed me, until Simplecast. Check em out. 


I mean, do I need to explain this further. Slack to business is what Turkey is too Thanksgiving. You need it.


Trello has always been ye old faithful. Fun fact, Penji originally used Trello as it’s main management system. Before we had any tech. Trello truly only works unless you invest your time into it. You really have to invest into the software to get an ROI from it. It’s free so that’s good, but we use Trello for important tasks, internal communication, tracking finances to some degree, podcast episodes, and even random meetings with clients. 


If you’ve ever wanted to know how our interview podcasts are recorded it’s through zoom. And if you’ve ever been a part of one of our webinars, that too is through Zoom. Like Simplecast, we’ve used a ton of tools that just didn’t work, but Zoom does. There is a free version and a paid version. Check out which is best for you and your business.