11: Rafael Ilishayev | Co-Founder of goPuff

Johnathan Gryzbowski

March 19, 2016

GoPuff which is a home delivery service that is completely revolutionizing the industry with under a 30 minute delivery time! GoPuff runs 24/7 and you’re able to buy just about anything you want and have it delivered directly to your door. By downloading goPuff, you unlock a copious amount of opportunities that help you make your life better. Now, you can argue that they may be no different than your normal ordering app, but think about this scenario:

You’re at a party and you need more beer! You don’t want to leave the party because you will be leaving all of your friends, but you want the beer immediately. Well, with goPuff, you can do just that and more!

Rafael Ilishayev grew up in Brooklyn, but went to school at Drexel University. During his time in college, he lived with a roommate. Him and his roommate were sick and tired of Grubhub, it wasn’t on demand. Their final frustration came from ordering from one of Philadelphia’s favorite cookie joints called Insomnia Cookies. They order cookies from the popular cookie chain, and received their order two hours later. They looked at themselves thinking, “It has to be an easier solution than this.” Six months later, they had a business, an app, and over one hundred items in a warehouse. GoPuff is currently in five cities, they are currently expanding their business into Denver, Colorado and are hopeful to expand to a a new city every two months!

Listen at the 16:30 minute mark of this interview to hear some of Rafael’s raw and charismatic views on entrepreneurship and business. Be sure to heard his hover board story at the 15 minute mark:


Fully Commit to What You’re Doing

“There is no doing it part time!  If you truly believe in something, just quit.”

Hire People Who Are Smarter Than You

“You don’t know everything. If you hire someone and they are doing the job right, get out of their way!”

Lead By Example

“You’re the one or at least one of the ones that created this vision, lead by example by showing people what to do next. I am here, I am on the ground working and you should be too…”