08: Zach Medina | Co-Founder of Viral Ideas Marketing (PART 2)

Email: zach@viralideamarketing.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zach__medina

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zach-medina-6b79075a

Business Website: http://www.viralideasmarketing.com

March 8, 2016 25 mins Download (MP3)


00:30 - Introduction
02:20 - Passion
04:45 - Struggles With His App Idea
07:00 - Biggest Failure
11:00 - Resources
15:00 - Life As An Entrepreneur
20:00 - Start Small, Stop Asking For Money, and Be Humble
23:30 - ICE CREAM!

At the young age of 16, where most kids are out playing video games or trying to attend their friends sweet 16 parties, Zach Medina created Shockwave Entertainment. Which was a party planning and entertainment company that helped teenagers and their families with their parties. At the early of his career, Zach didn’t know he was an entrepreneur. As a kid, Zach was always looking for ways to make money, even before his first official business he decided to become a caddy. In which as a kid 7th grader, he carried golf bags that gave him $50 a day! He thought “shoot, I can do something here!”

Next, eBay came out and like any hustler/young entrepreneur would do, he started selling stuff on the platform. He would buy broken iPods, fix them, and then later resell them for profit. Not once during this time, Zach thought he was an entrepreneur. It didn’t dawn on him until people started calling him one.

During his time at high school he ran track. There he met one of his first DJ’s that helped him start his business. Zach is grateful for his first official business (Shockwave Entertainment) because it kept him out of trouble. Every weekend, Zach was doing something for his business and basically got paid to party.

Shockwaves Entertainment was created in junior year of high school and during college he then started an app called Fixation. (Which is now more of a hobby than anything else.)  Zach had no idea what he was doing, when he first built the app. The app itself was a video story telling app. There were a lot of struggles but he went ahead and presented it to his target market. He realized from feedback that the app did too much. Update after update he failed and went back to the drawing board. Finally landing on Viral Ideas which is where he spends his sweat equity on today.

Listen to the Zach talk about how close he is to his family, How his father left him at an early age and his dedication in making his families life better. You can hear his advice to other entrepreneurs at the 20 minute mark of this interview:


Start Small

“Think like a human being! You’re going to waste your time and others peoples time…” Start small and grow your company within. Make mistakes.

Stop Asking For Money

“We are in this day and age where: Oh, if I got to speak to Mark Cuban or etc… I would be set!” If you set yourself in an investor shoes, they will want the perfect product…” So give them an MVP before you ask for money. Zach doesn’t come from a family of money and can’t ask for it. He suggests that if you have more control of your money, you will put it in the right spots. He’s seen and worked for companies that went through their money too quickly and doesn’t want that to happen to you.

Be Humble

As a junior of high school, Zach got a little cocky. At the time he was growing up, he didn’t know anyone that was doing what he was doing. So, Zach thought he was cool! But regardless of how cool you are or think you are, Zach always finds time to be there for his family.