57: Yuval Yarden | Program Director at Philly Startup Leaders

PSL is an all volunteer, grassroots organization. The success of our group lies in the hands of our members. In order to get the most out of PSL, it is imperative that members take an active role in planning events, contributing to workshops, and share their knowledge and expertise with other members.

March 28, 2017 41 Download (MP3)


00:30 - Stoneyfield ice cream strawberry and cream or sweet potato fries from Coopridge - Born in Israel and moved to the US - Skipped a year because she knew she couldn’t do class - Everything she did inside of Temple she found more exciting than the actual classic itself - Worked in Management consulting for 3 days - Started 84 people for coffee and tracked their trends and found out they were only entrepreneurs - Hey can you introduce me to 3 people and one book you like
06:50 - Parents are both teachers - Dad grew up in a youth movement where he was in charge of a lot of the community space and was a thoughtful problem solver - Not only is she a teacher, but also has a second job - She believes her parents have a great work relationship with working
08:15 - Key things of what Yuval learned in meeting over 80 people for coffee - Important to make time for anyone that wants to meet with you
10:30 Why Philadelphia?
12:20 - Early Struggles Yuval had - Main difficulties was that she was young and had to prove herself. Some people believe in you early, but there are others where it took quiet a while - Had to be patient and build the relationships. Had to build trust and lucky to learn them early on - Yuval speaks with a ton of experience and wisdom here. Be sure to check it out if you are running a non profit
16:40 Yuval’s management style and how she developed it
20:10 - Yuval’s goals - going from 80% to 95% - Trying to build will power
26:50 - “She’s working on it” - Started taking improve classes - Applied to host a TV called my new Philly
29:20 - Habits that have made Yuval successful - Sleep 8 hours a night
33:30 - Calendar App built into the iPhone - Asana - Mint - Moleskin
35:45 - Start - Stop reading things and asking people things. Just get to it. Hear Yuval’s story about an elephant. If you sit there and talk about how things are difficult, it makes you feel more like you can’t do something. - Ask People Anything You Don’t Know - Reach out to your community - Surround Yourself with Awesome people - Don’t forget to give back too! Ask for time and be specific.
38:40 - How would you spend your day off?
40:00 - Contact Yuval’s through her email