63: Stacey Ferreira | Founder and CEO of Forge

Enterprise scheduling software that empowers hourly employees to pick the hours they want to work whether it’s retail or restaurant locations throughout the United States.

May 2, 2017 Download (MP3)


1:45 Store bought macaroni and cheese (with a little bit of bacon)
2:38 Stacey's AMAZING story and how she met Richard Branson at 18.
8:49 What was it like meeting Richard Branson and how she paid her dad back
11:10 How important were your parent's during this whole process of entrepreneurship?
13:01 At 18, what were some of the initial struggles in obtaining that success and what did you learn from that experience?
16:00 What is the main difference from the product years ago vs the product today?
20:30 How far along are you in making your goal a reality?
21:55 Current interpretation of the workforce in America
24:40 Multiple streams of income
25:30 Why is work life balance important?
27:30 What do you do for fun?
29:00 How Stacey figured out work life balance
31:00 What are some habits that have helped Stacey become more efficient - Waking up early - Dropbox Paper
33:40 Why Stacey obtained 1.2 million at such an early stage in their business.
36:03 Three pieces of advice
39:10 How to contact Stacey