66: Spencer Ludwig | Nationally Acclaimed Recording Artist

Today, we are taking the podcast MOBILE! We are at Underground Arts in Philadelphia, PA, interviewing a man that I met back in 2013, directly after his performance with his then band Capital Cities. Now he is going solo as he tours the US promoting his upcoming album set to be released in the summer and his hit song “Diggy” that has been featured on Target’s Spring Commercial.

May 2, 2017 15 Mins Download (MP3)


2:10 There is all of this momentum with your new single "Diggy," people are submitting dance videos to your instagram, you're able to listen to it on TV, what has that experience been like for you?
4:35 You taught yourself how to play trumpet during high school, what brought you to this instrument and how has the trumpet contributed to your success?
7:00 So many highs and lows as a musician, but when you use social media, you mentioned that we only show what we want to show. So how do you get through all of the different emotions as an entrepreneur?
10:40 You have an entrepreneurial spirit, what advice would you give to other entrepreneurs trying to build a personal brand?
14:10 How to listen and follow Spencer