119: Simone Vincenzi | Co-Founder of GTeX

Simone Vincenzi, Co-Founder of GTeX , Podcast host , Speaker. GTEX help speakers and coaches to dominate. Helping them creating online or live events that sell without being a douchebag.

Job Title: Co Founder of GTeX , Podcast host , Speaker

Name: Simone Vincenzi

Instagram Handle: gtex

Name of Business: GTeX

Website: https://gtex.org.uk/

November 2, 2017 34 Mins Download (MP3)


01:26 Imagine you just had the best day of your life. Where are you going to eat, and what are you ordering in order to make your day complete?
02:40 Tell us about yourself. Who are you, and what is your story?
05:58 What did you learn from working at over 300 restaurants, and how does that equate to you now in business?
10:29 How do you help people to sell without coming off as a douchebag?
12:34 Tell me about a time in which you felt blind in business, and how you were able to overcome it.
14:15 At what point were you able to bring on a Board of Directors in order to help with your blindness?
16:52 How were you able to achieve your first 100 customers through your marketing and services?
19:40 Do you remember the point in time in which your hard work started to bear fruit?
21:16 Is there anyone that you would like to meet to help further your business? Why would you want to meet that person?
23:00 What are some habits that have helped you become more efficient throughout your day?
28:37 What are some resources you use that you can’t just live without?
30:58 What are 3 pieces of advice that you could give to an entrepreneur that’s stuck in a rut?

On today’s episode with Simone Vincenzi are going to talk about:

1. What Simone Vincenzi learned after working at 300 restaurants

2. How Events helped my business grow

3. The importance of Learning how to sell

How Simone got his first 100 customers

“The first 100 customers came from events; we used those to attract people. At the beginning, no-one knew us. What we did was start events with external guests – people within our industry that we knew would attend and give talks, as a personal favor to us. That allowed for two things:
1. Helped our network grow tremendously by associating with other industries. People began to notice us as a result; we leveraged those around us to build a name for ourselves. Eventually, we moved away from that model, as persons started to come just for US. This is how we gained customers from a marketing perspective.
2. In terms of sales, we were able to convert our attendees from our events into clients by upselling them products from said events.
In terms of our first 10 to 15 customers, we got through one on one conversations in a form of beta test for our main model.”

Three pieces of advice from Simone

“One is to learn how to sell. Two, learn to sell, three: learn to sell! But on a serious note, learning to sell will always guarantee that you have money and clients. You will need to sell your idea in order to get investment, sell yourself in order to promote the brand. You are the person that people will see as the face of your company, and will in turn, buy from. Master sales, whether it is via one to one, or one to many.” Said Simone Vincenzi.