137: Samantha Alvarez | Sales Coach, Digital Nomad, and Mindful Human Being

Samantha Alvarez, is a sales coach, serial entrepreneur, digital nomad, sales systems strategist, nurse practitioner, university faculty, polyglot and mindful human being who wants to help people achieve stable income and become their best ever selves.

Name: Samantha Alvarez

Job Title: Sales Coach

Name of Business: Samara Coaching

Website: www.samalvarez.com

Personal Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004378396470

December 27, 2017 29 Mins Download (MP3)


04:00 magine you just had the absolute best day of your life. Where are you going to eat, and what are you eating in order to make your day complete?
06:54 What are we doing wrong in our sales today, so that we can do it better tomorrow?
07:57 What are some ways in which we can be more ‘human’?
09:21 What are your thoughts of those in the SAAS community?
10:59 What were some techniques you used to become a master of sales?
14:45 Was there a time you learned all this? What are some tactics that we can use in our sales?
17:54 What were some of the ways you were able to achieve your first 100 customers?
20:35 If you could meet any one person who could further your business, who would it be, and why would you want to meet them?
22:00 What are some habits that you have that has made you more efficient throughout your day?
26:05 The Blind Entrepreneur was created for those individuals that may be temporarily blind in business. To those individuals, what are 3 pieces of advice that you could share with them?

On today’s episode with Samantha Alvarez are going to talk about:

1. The art of persuasion

2. How to ask yourself the question: Why are you here, where you are right now?

3. How you’re hurting yourself in your sales

How Samantha Alvarez Obtained her first 100 customers

“The way I get clients now as a coach, is that I run advertising through referral and invitations only; I don’t employ traditional advertising in that sense anymore. I go out and talk to people; I put myself out there. A massive contract to the normal way of advertising, I tend to go the ‘top-down’ approach.”

Three pieces of advice from Samantha Alvarez

“Number one: be transparent. With yourself, and with other people. This can create a sense of accountability. The second piece of advice is to recognize where you are uncomfortable and decide what to do with it. Lean into awkwardness if you need to. The last piece of advice is pretty simple – get started. Take a proactive approach.”