60: Rob Thomas | Financial Representative That Focuses On Juvenile Life Insurance

Today we are going to talk about your new borns life and personal life on track for not only this year but for many years to come.

May 2, 2017 35 Mins Download (MP3)


1:10 NY York Pizza
2:20 Rob's Story
4:59 How Rob became passionate about Life Insurance
7:38 Struggles in business
10:10 - The psychological game of insurance - How to get into the mindset of talking about death
12:37 Biggest failure Rob has experienced and how he overcame it
14:35 Rob's management, where he learned it from, and how he manages a team
18:10 Ways Rob has been able to advertise and market his business
20:50 Goals this year
23:25 What do you do for fun?
24:50 Habits to help you become more efficient throughout your day
28:13 - Resources Rob can't live without - Spreadsheets
30:15 Three pieces of advice for entrepreneurs