4: Rajat Bhageria | Co-Founder of ThirdEye Technologies

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Third Eye Website: http://thirdeyeglass.com

February 22, 2016 27 mins Download (MP3)


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After listening or watching this podcast, it won’t take long to fall in love with Rajat Bhageria’s brilliance and passion for changing the world.

At the age of 17, Rajat wrote his first book called, What High School Didn’t Teach Me Rajat’s book is written from the point of view of a recent high school graduate. It speaks on issues about high school and how it’s curriculum is killing creativity by forcing students to memorize factoids, rather than inspiring them to pursue creative endeavors and teaching them how to problem solve. In his book, Bhageria proposes a full revamp of the high school experience.

Currently, Rajat is a student at Penn University. During his studies, Rajat created a company that Forbes calls one of the “15 most innovative startups around America.” Third Eye Technologies is a product that empowers visually impaired persons through object recognition via auditory feedback. ThirdEye can recognize almost all objects including money, landmarks, medicines, household objects, regular text, and much more. Once the app is downloaded, the visually impaired person has to point their device at whatever they want to recognize and within a few seconds they’ll know exactly what they’re looking at.

Third Eye’s team will bring the product to market via a partnership with Google, the National Federation of the Blind, the Wharton Venture Initiation Program, Blackstone Launchpad, Penn Medicine, Penn Law Legal Clinic, and various ophthalmology clinics. ThirdEye has received publicity in international news including Forbes, TechCrunch, New Scientist, Tech.co, HuffPost, and TEDx.

Listen closely to Rajat Bhageria’s real life examples about finding the right co-founder and his current struggles in his business. You can learn more around the 22 minute mark of this interview:

Don’t Quit

Some of the best tech companies in the world started while working for another great startup. Rajat mentions that if you have a dying passion for creating something great, you will find time to not only work on the project during working hours, but you’ll also spend the extra time to finish code and begin marketing your company, outside of normal working hours.

For example, Third Eye may have the chance of being incredibly successful but if not, Rajat’s safety net is his education. Rajat mentions to don’t just quit. Create an MVP first, fail, and see if your efforts will be worth while in the end.

Finding That Right Co-Founder

To his first point in not quitting, there is a chance that when finding a co-founder, he or she may not work out. In the beginning of Third Eye, Rajat spent much of his time trying to build the product. He wanted to make sure that Third Eye is a product that people want. When trying to find a co-founder, Rajat thought he found a great partner. He was smart and an incredible engineer. But what he stresses is to make sure you work with your co founder and you understand who the person is and what they are like, while working on the project. You think you know who they are, but you will not know who the person truly until they are in the trenches with you, and stress levels are at a maximum.

Don’t Start A Company Just To Start a Company

Starting a company sounds cool! It’s fun to do so, but don’t just start a company, just to start a company. The reason why is because when things go wrong, you’ll be more to solve issues within the company if it’s something you have a passion and desire to fix. If it’s a problem you deeply care about, when things go wrong you’ll be happier to solve the issue and more inclined to continue in creating something great.