May 9, 2016 21 mins Download (MP3)


00:30 - Introduction
02:30 - Passion Came From Halo
04:45 - Why Video Games?
05:40 - Struggles of Being A Video Game Streamer
08:15 - Types of Content
11:05 - Quick Advice to Streamers
13:00 - The Future of Gaming
16:35 - Definition of Success
18:00 - Chicken Enchiladas and Rice

Joe Lara AKA PuzzleBoss, an artist, entertainer, commentator, and professional video game streamer. A “random guy” from Texas that lives in a small town of about 10,000 people. There isn’t much to do in a town that feels like a desert but play video games. The psychology and art major in college, put his education together alongside with his passion to become a video game streamer!

When you hear the words streaming, you may think Netflix and Chill, but streaming as you know it has changed. Companies like ESPN, Twitch, Kamcord, and more are highlighting these incredibly talented individuals that take their skills within the palms of their hands.
PuzzleBoss’ passion started when he played Halo for the first time. It was, love at first site. It was the first time that he was physically able to sit down and watch/play something that caught his attention. Late his love for games expanded into the world of PC and mobile gaming, where he spends most of his time now with games like Puzzle and Dragons, Blade and Soul, Counter Strike, and many more.
Puzzle and Dragons is PuzzleBoss’ main expertise where he creates YouTube videos that helps users play the game better and gives real time suggestions on how to become a better PAD player. To those of you who do not know what Puzzle and Dragons is, it’s “a board filled with different circles and different colors. You have monsters that you meet on your journey, and over time you have to match the colors that are associated with their speciality to gain points and draft monsters.”

Or in even easier terms; Bejelwed meets Pokemon!

Growing up as a kid, PuzzleBoss never had technology. So when he was able to afford it, he held onto it. During his early years, he used video games as an escape. He enjoyed living in a world that was more than just him.

He was first introduced to Puzzle and Dragons and assumed it would be a good time waster during his lunch breaks and dead time during his night shift. So, while he was in between jobs, he researched and studied that there wasn’t a PAD community. He saw this as an opportunity and felt the need to step in to help people and teach them to be a better gamer.

It took PuzzleBoss about two and a half years playing the same game over and over again, to gain traction within the community. By helping people and being creative, it has allowed him to become a popular gamer with over 8,000 subscribers. (And Counting)

Joe or better known as PuzzleBoss posts about 3-4 times a week. He’s not the best player in the world, but he’s at a skill level where he’s learning even when he’s doing the tutorials for his viewers. PuzzleBoss gives advice to people that finds joy in his passion. Hear the genuine words of an up and coming video game streamer.


You Don’t Have To Have The Best Hardware

There are tons of people that believe they need the best gaming headphones and the best system in order to be successful in gaming or streaming. That’s just not true. Joe worked on a crappy laptop in the beginning of his streaming days, but he found a way that worked for him. Eventually when he became more popular and got the funds to develop his dream scenario, he did just that. But PuzzleBoss stressed that over time “you will get better.” PuzzleBoss has a very unique style of introducing himself, when people ask Joe for advice, he never tells people his entire process. PuzzleBoss believes that if he told people, they would do the exact same thing and copy his style. So instead, Joe gives suggestions on ways that helped him and how he learned everything that he did. Video gaming is a very relationship oriented and when you find ways that resonates with your fans you do just that.

The Future of Gaming

PuzzleBoss believes that gaming will become more mainstream and in the comfort of peoples homes. Similar to the way ESPN is now. PuzzleBoss mentions that right now, sports players are getting pair millions upon millions of dollars in order to play the sports they love. PuzzleBoss believes that over time, gamers/streamers will also get paid that kind of money. “There is still a skill that you have and eventually gaming will catch up to those big sports with the more exposure it gains…”