How to Listen to Your Customers With Peter Kozodoy

Peter Kozodoy is an author, renowned keynote speaker known as “The Honesty Guy,” and the Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of GEM Advertising. Peter shows organizations and their leaders how to use the simple value of honesty to discover hidden opportunities for innovation, positively transform yourself and your organization, and achieve industry-dominating growth.

May 30, 2018 29 mins Download (MP3)


01:28 Imagine you just had the best day of your life. Where are you going to eat, and what are you ordering in order to make your day complete?
03:10 How did you get from being a figure skater to being a multi-national marketing agency owner?
07:15 I’d like to take you back to that original pitch conversation you had. Why do you think you guys were so successful in your pitch? Was there anything you think you did or said that really resonated with people, and how did you figure out that this was what you needed to do in order to win the contract?
09:24 To those people that may not have the same opportunity that you have, what are some ways that you could recommend to us to find out more about our customers?
10:55 What are you asking your potential customers? If you’re not selling to them, what are you doing?
12:26 Do you find that this method of asking for help works best when in person? Or do you think that you can obtain the same results with a phone call, or a Skype meeting?
14:59 Was there like a spreadsheet that you kept that helped you with this process?
16:16 Would you recommend this strategy that you’ve outlined to people looking to build their customer base? Also, what happens if you already have a business, with a lot of customers? Would this strategy working in scaling?
21:06 What is your spirit of choice?
22:45 What would you say is your perfect day off, if you had one?
23:55 Is there a particular quote that you resonate with?
24:21 The Blind Entrepreneur podcast was created for those individuals that may be temporarily blind in business. To those individuals, what are 3 pieces of advice that you could share with them?

Peter Kozodoy’s Strategy

I launched a Masterclass by going to this Facebook group that I’m in; I did a live video and listened to their questions and then formulated topics based on questions with common themes that people kept bringing up. Then I would reveal my topics to them, and have people weigh in with their opinions on things like the viability, and how they would teach such topics. This inadvertently built my entire curriculum. I also sent out a survey via SurveyMonkey and asked that the topics be ranked in order of demand, as well as what people would be willing to pay for them – this creates even more of an outline for me to work with and teach from. I then thank people for all the feedback that they shared with me.

Three Pieces of Advice From Peter Kozodoy

My first piece would be to find a mentor – I cannot stress that enough. They can help to outline your blind spot and properly guide you. There is honestly no entrepreneur out there that has everything figured out; even I still have things I’m still trying to learn. It tends to be quite useful to have someone who has done what you’re trying to, so that they can tell you why it won’t work, and show you ways that do work. Number two? Be brutally honest with yourself. Most of the things that you take as truth, or you don’t wat to accept otherwise in can be your greatest weakness. My last piece of advice would be to stop being afraid – it’s all in your head. A lot of the things that you THINK you’re struggling with, you really don’t need to.