Exploring Human Behavior In Business With Nicole Jansen

Over the past 30 years, Nicole Jansen has coached and trained thousands of leaders to transform their lives and achieve extraordinary results in business. In her view, there is nothing better than seeing people excel and live their best life, particularly when they are elevating others at the same time.
Applying her unique blend of business mentorship and personal mastery, Nicole’s clients not only experience a substantial increase in sales, team performance and profitability, they also experience greater confidence, clarity, and personal authenticity through discovering and playing to their strengths.
She is a certified Human Behavior Specialist, Business Breakthrough Coach, Strategic Intervention Coach, and has been personally trained and mentored by some of the top business, sales and leadership experts in the world. She is the founder of Discover The Edge and the Leaders Of Transformation Podcast & Community.




August 30, 2018 34 mins Download (MP3)


01:49 How is your day going?
02:17 Imagine you just had the best day of your life. Where are you going to eat, and what are you ordering in order to make your day complete?
03:50 Tell me about a time you felt lost or blind in business. What was it like, and how did you overcome it?
09:48 Is there anything that you try to train your clients on with regards to that thought process?
13:45 Are there any human behavior elements that a leader should be aware of in order to take their business to profitability?
18:52 When you have these certain experiences in conversation, how do you recommend to your clients to keep it in memory for future recall?
22:45 Do you think empathy is something you can grow over time, or is it something that can be trained?
27:07 There’s a picture of 2 people digging. One is digging aggressively, with 10m to a pot of gold. The other person is so close to a massive diamond, but turns around and gives up before reaching it. Could you speak about what that picture means to you?
32:37 The Blind Entrepreneur podcast was created for those individuals that may be temporarily blind in business. To those individuals, what are 3 pieces of advice that you could share with them?

Nicole Jansen’s Tips on Human Behavior Elements For Leaders

Yes. When I talk about things like increasing sales, team performance and profitability with my clients, most of the time that’s what they want. After all, that’s the result they’re looking for. What creates that, however, are our actions – what underlines that is our mindset; it’s important to understand that results come from behaviors, which come from mindset; that goes for everyone on our team. What determines mindset now? I believe our natural talents and strengths influence our mindset. Beliefs too impact and color our mindset. If you want to change the results you have, you need to start by changing the way you see yourself as well as the world around you. If you address your mindset, the behaviors and results shift.

Three Pieces of Advice From Nicole Jansen

My first piece of advice would be to know yourself most of all. Secondly, I would say to embrace the process that you have set up for yourself. And my last piece of advice? Remember to enjoy the journey you’re on to success.