52: Nick Dennis | CEO of FitDegree Fitness Expert Turned Entrepreneur

FITDegree is a member engagement and retention software tool for fitness programs. Users download the app to learn more about the programs that are available within their gym. The app keeps the users connected to other members of the gym and also the facility itself.

Fitness has always been Nick Dennis’ passion. When he went to school for mathematics, his mom always envision him getting a stable job as an actuary. While Nick was studying for his actuary exam, he created the idea for an app that Rowan students can use to find friends that to the gym. Although his mom thought he was studying for his actuary exam, Nick was actually applying for a business pitch competition that he later won. This award winning project became FITDegree.

The app has changed, a lot since it’s original idea, but as mentioned in podcast Nick is dedicated for his business to sold a problem and not just be an opportunity.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nick-dennis-43271190
Website: http://fitdegree.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nick.fitdegree/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fitdegree

November 7, 2016 22 mins Download (MP3)



- Homemade Biggest Omelette, cheese, meat, hot sauce, and all of the above


- Nick Dennis’ Story and how he told his mom he studied for his actuary exam, but was really applying for a business pitch competition


- Pivoting FitDegree’s initial idea, helped his business


- Fitness Changing Nick’s Life


- Has it been a struggle working in tech and being stationary most of the time?


- Was there a particular struggle that you had but couldn’t overcome? Was it an issue to your growth?


- Did being a leader come naturally to? (This is Nick’s worst attribute, but he’s self aware and knows it and he’s working on it.)


- Treating the Janitor the same way he treats every other employee. Hoe energy has made Nick gain a positive mental attitude


- Ways that have helped Nick get funding

  • Resources
  • Know your Target Audience
  • Seek Opportunities

- How Nick’s Investors helped his business

  • They took a laid back approach and watched them grow and guided them
  • Investors are investing in you
  • Weren’t constantly checking their books, but more so checking their plans and milestones
  • Our investors let us fail and it made me become a better entrepreneur

- Habits that have helped Nick Become More Efficient as an entrepreneur

  • The word habit itself is important because you programmed it into your day
  • Staying hydrated is important
  • Meal Prepping
  • Mobility is incredible important, making time to stretch throughout the day is

- Resources


- Just Do it!

  • Nike has said it but they don’t give any context, if it’s sales day, go for it. If it’s product development day…focus on that.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

– MyFitnessPal is a greater starter kit

– Muscle and Strength

– Using and Expanding Your brain