35: Morgan Berman | CEO of MilkCrate

Morgan Berman, 30, Philadelphia, PA She is the CEO of MilkCrate which is a mission driven tech company with unique products. One of their products in particular is MyMilkCrate, which is a tool to help people discover local, sustainable businesses in their neighborhoods.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/morganberman
Personal Website: http://www.morganberman.co
Twitter: https://twitter.com/morganberman
Website: http://mymilkcrate.co
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MilkCrate

June 12, 2016 26 mins Download (MP3)


00:30 - Introduction
02:40 - Parents Influence
04:45 - What is MilkCrate?
08:30 - Growth
10:00 - Did Working at Apple Influence Your Culture?
12:00 - Biggest Failure in Business is…a $2,000, badass bike!
15:35 - Redefining Yourself
19:30 - What Works For You!?
20:00 - Be Coachable, Finding A Team, and Have Fun and Don’t Lose Yourself

Born in Philadelphia, Morgan built her company as an active service and inspiration for the city of Philadelphia. Who she is? It stems far beyond her days on this Earth. Her mom was part of the PHARMA movement that helped bring fresh produce into restaurants throughout the city of Philadelphia. Her father on the other hand built a non profit dedicated to serve people struggling with mental illness and brain injuries. Morgan grew up in an incredible family of entrepreneurs who were both do gooders that were the perfect recipe of doing well and doing good.

When she came back to the city of Philadelphia from college, Morgan got into women’s health. The job however wasn’t fulfilling and didn’t allow her to tap into the creative side of her brain. Morgan then decided to go to back school to get her masters in sustainable design at Philadelphia University. She graduated with more than just a degree, she also graduated with a company!

It didn’t take long for Morgan to realize that her interests and strengths weren’t going to fit neatly into the job world, so she went all in on the idea of MilkCrate.

MilkCrate as a whole is an organization that helps bring sustainability into your city. (Currently in Philadelphia, Boston, Denver, and Asheville) When Morgan was growing up, and gaining the inspiration from her mother, Morgan was constantly looking for a product that would allow her to be more sustainable. There wasn’t anything out there.

Before we continue, let’s clearly define what it means to be more sustainable. Every day that we are on this beautiful green (an blue) earth, we make decisions that affects the environment, the climate, our lives, and the lives around us. By being more sustainable we are reducing our carbon footprint and making in impact on bettering our environment! Some ways to do such are:

– Ditching plastic

– Paying attention to labels

– Being wise about water consumption

– Making your home green

– Using renewable energy

– Driving less

– Boycotting products that endanger wildlife

– Eating all natural/organic foods

– Eating local

– The list goes on and on

As a former Apple employee, she realized how important her smart phone was to her future. She knew the power of what lied in her pocket and wanted to explore how she can use this technologic device for good. So, she created MilkCrate and various other products to do just that, by making the world a better place, than when we leave it!

Be Coachable

“One of the earliest compliments that I ever got was that I was coachable. And thats something that investors look for when they invest in companies. I heard it and continued to embrace it. As much as I would like to think that I know everything, it’s good to have someone tear you down and help build you back up. Find someone to share your idea with, and seek out the individuals that can help give you advice.”

Finding A Team

“You can’t do it alone! If you don’t let go of some of the more important tasks to your team, you’re being a bad leader. You have to trust and empower your team to be responsible.”

Have Fun and Don’t Lose Yourself

“If you find yourself losing yourself, you’re not only hurting yourself but you’re also hurting your company. You need balance, joy, and good health.”