Referral Strategies For Your Business and Podcast with Michael Woodward

Michael is the founder and CEO of jumbleThink. Prior to starting jumbleThink, Mike and his team at Woodward Design Group built over 400 websites and web applications for clients ranging from small local businesses to Fortune 100 corporations. He has also consulted with hundreds of other businesses through the Small Business Development Council in Butte County, Ca ( along with teaching courses on web design / development and marketing strategies. His passion is to help individuals and businesses make their dreams attainable through creative thinking / idea formation and strategy. Michael is married to Jennifer Woodward and father to Lucy and Lily. He and his family currently reside in Boiling Springs PA. His passions include New York City (specifically Manhattan), playing and building guitars, running, reading, and dreaming big.

August 23, 2018 25 mins Download (MP3)


01:30 How is your day going?
01:45 Imagine you just had the best day of your life. Where are you going to eat, and what are you ordering in order to make your day complete?
03:00 Tell me about a time you felt lost or blind in business. What was it like, and how did you overcome it?
05:41 What did you learn from that process of having to fire people and potentially damaging relationships?
07:23 How were you able to obtain 400 websites over the course of the business?
10:59 What are some tips that you could share about getting referrals?
13:23 What has podcasting done for you? What has it allowed to do for your business?
16:01 What’s your favorite candy? Do you have a sweet tooth?
16:40 What’s your reading intensity and schedule like?
18:03 What’s your go-to dish to cook?
19:25 What is it about cars that gets you excited?
20:37 What is your dream?
21:44 The Blind Entrepreneur podcast was created for those individuals that may be temporarily blind in business. To those individuals, what are 3 pieces of advice that you could share with them?

Michael Woodward’s Tips on Getting Referrals

Referrals are a bit harder to get if it isn’t a client – Clients can have business acquaintances and partners that may have an issue that your business can handle. In that case, your client can simply refer you to their contacts, securing business indirectly for you. When you’re in an active network that specializes in this kind of thing, then referrals can come naturally; provided you build your reputation to a level where referrals are simple to get. What I find myself doing nowadays however, is simply reaching out to people we want to work with, building relationships and then working towards the long game. That way, when they do need help, our company would be the first they’d call. I’m also a fan of providing value, but within certain limits.

Michael Woodward’s Dream

I think right now, my biggest dream is to really help people see and attain their dreams. Sitting down with someone, finding out their dream and determining how we can make it a reality is one of my biggest aspirations at this point. Another big dream right now is that I’d love to get a place in SoHo; we live on a massive farm in Pennsylvania, as well as have an office in Manhattan. It’d be expensive, but it’s a dream I have.

Three Pieces of Advice From Michael Woodward

Firstly, community. You need to be in some sort of community. Why? Because you can’t do everything on your own – you need mentors, coaches, peers; people that you can mastermind with and get advice from. My second piece of advice would revolve around authenticity. You can’t have a persona that people see, but isn’t really you. Just be yourself and stop trying to measure up to everyone else. Accept your flaws and move on like everyone else; failure can be a beautiful thing. And the last piece of advice is play it for the long game. Hustling is kind of a lie – we need to work hard, but we need to have the mentality of making a life story – as opposed to becoming an overnight success, only to crash and burn a few years down the road. Stop measuring today’s situation for what could be 5 years later, for example.