09: Melissa Alam | Founder of The Hive Philly & Founder of Femme and Fortune

Email: melalam@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RingTheAlam

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/melissaalam

Business Website: http://femmeandfortune.com

March 9, 2016 20 mins Download (MP3)


00:30 - Introduction
02:30 - Passion
05:30 - Growing Online Business
06:40 - Failure
08:20 - Efficiency
10:30 - Marie Forleo, Middle Finger Project
14:45 - Is There a Formula?
17:00 - Build Your Network, Never Stop Working, and Have Fun!
19:30 - Coconut Soup

There is a growing trend of freelancers throughout the world. Although Melissa Alam’s beginning is very similar to hear, her path has many interesting twist and turns. Melissa Alam started her entrepreneur career during her studies of marketing at Temple University. After college, she worked at a few ad agencies before she went completely on her own as a freelancer. She felt comfortable with her decision to become a freelancer because she likes traveling, she likes the ability to make her own schedule, being own boss, and of course all of the additional life style perks of a talented individual who freelances.

During her time helping some of the best marketing companies throughout the world, Melissa started her own online magazine called Femme and Fortune. Femme and Fortune currently has over 90 contributors discussing things like dating, culture, lifestyle, tech, travel, and so much more. All for the millennial female!

Melissa’s next business is a co-working space, all for women. “Creating the Hive Philly has been a life chasing experience” Says Melissa. She loves the changing landscape of business and wants to find a way to empower women. Not only throughout the Philadelphia region, but the world!

When asked why!?

Melissa responded in saying that she saw a void in the marketplace. “There is no location or business in philadelphia for women.” She started the magazine to put out a modern and millennial voice for her magazine and a place for women to create and build with the Hive Philly.

Melissa hates having nothing to do. She’s constantly busy and enjoys being “all over the place” Her passion comes from the want in creating name for herself. Judging by her work ethic and passion in her voice, it’s obvious that she’s off to a great start.

Listen to the kind hearted, phenomenal, and world changing advice from Melissa at the 17 minute mark of this interview:


Build Your Network

It took a while for Melissa to get where she is. From her freelance career and extra curricular activities, she has built a network that she still uses often. Throughout her career she gathers favors and incorporates her network within her client base. Whether she needs something hung, needs something painted, or simply needs a photographer. She knows who to go to. Build your network and make connections.

Never Stop Working

“If you really want to be at the level of Zuckerberg, you need to work at it. Money shouldnt be the motivation. If you work hard, the money will come. Femme and Fortune isn’t being monetized so much, but it’s a passion and it’s something I care about.”

Have Fun!

“Regardless of the age you start at, building a business is fun! This is something that you’ll grow from and this could be your first step into something great. Enjoy it while you can!”