August 23, 2016 51 mins Download (MP3)


01:10 - Beer, Six Pack of Black IPA, Senita’s Black IPA
02:30 - Introduction
08:20 - Early Struggles in his Business and How Matt Learned How to Get Traffic to His Sites
21:10 - How to Get Traffic in a New World of Marketing and How I Found Matt
30:00 - How to Promote Your Product/Service
32:00 - Be Sincere, Write Good Content, and The World Will Reward You

In 1982, Darlene, Andrew, and Bob all met at a night club. His mom was a cocktail waitress and his dad was a piano player,fast forward thirty two years and Matt has become an incredible resource to podcasters, an online marketing genius, and even a rapper. Besides the witty humor from Matt, Matt’s real entrepreneurial journey started at the age 13.

Growing up, Matt Giovanisci had several jobs. He got hired, got fired, got hired again, and even got fired again. He’s been on unemployment, in hospitals beds with a foot injury, and even been in a rock bank. Some may think he’s the jack of all trades, but what he master at is marketing.

Matt’s career didn’t get serious until he created a pool supply blog called Swim University. It took him close to 10 years before seeing any true potential in the platform, but that didn’t stop Matt from continuing to push through, until he saw the light. During his time in the pool industry, he not only worked with a pool supply company, Matt also learned how to develop websites. He used his knowledge and expertise to create not one, not two, but four online brands that make him the super marketer he is today.

Today, Matt continues to work on Swim University, Roasted Coffee, and now his new project, Money Lab.

Early on, one of Matt’s biggest issues was his ability to write. “The first six years of Swim University was awful. I knew what I was doing and how to do it, but I didn’t know how to write. After looking at my process, I was consuming information and knew I had this talent in marketing, but couldn’t write for S***! I ended up making the website first, because I knew how to do that, and then tried to figure out what would work on the site itself.” Said Matt.

After asking Matt the question “How do you fare in this new world of marketing” Matt’s response was: (Listen to the 21 minute mark.)

“In a new age of marketing, I am more confident that I will get out there because I knows what it will take to get it in front of people.” And boy did he do just that. The reason I asked Matt to be on the show was because I became a direct product of Matt’s system. I was “marketed” to. The purpose of this article and the story I am writing about Matt isn’t to give an idea on what works in marketing, it’s more a story about inspiration. Matt kept at his work, went ALL in on his ideas, and stayed focused on the things that he was good at, all while developing new set of skills in the background.


I’d like to tell you EXACTLY how I met Matt and how the new era of marketing is done:

  • First I googled “How to Market Your Podcast”
  • I came across this article 
  • Then, I read the article. I used it as my damn bible. Reading it over and over again, and ultimately gave me the desire to reach out and thank the person who wrote it
  • I messaged the team at Money Lab on Facebook
  • Then, did my own research and found out who Matt was.
  • Saw he makes funny videos about marketing and even watched his rap video
  • Next, I went to Facebook, and randomly came across a landing page that said “Hire Me For Your Podcast!”
  • Filled out the contact form, scheduled a time to chat, a few months later. Here we are.
  • Internet gold!

To learn more from Matt, watch the interview and learn how Matt wrote a whole marketing rap album and has got himself into places, many dream of.