82: Mathew Lazarus | Founding Partner of ArchBolt

The rate of change is accelerating faster than most businesses can adapt on their own. Archbolt helps entrepreneurs and brands like Unilever, Nestle and Prudential put the right experiences into their customers hands within 60 days.

Name: Mathew Lazarus

Instagram Handle: lazarus_mathew

Website: archbolt.com

July 13, 2017 37 Mins Download (MP3)


01:23 I’m probably going to have a Dragon Fruit smoothie from this place that opened up near my apartment called Loco Coco.
02:22 I’m from NYC; co-founded a company when I was in my 20s. I eventually became a tech recruiter for companies in New York City after graduating from UPenn. I eventually left that to found my own business, working on apps for companies in various industries, as well as consulting them.
05:30 Firstly, we look for your UAS – User Acquisition Strategy. You’ll need to go out and interact with potential customers; go to them. Next, we tend to challenge entrepreneurs who come to us.
08:13 The first thing is when an entrepreneur is so attached to their idea, that they’re scared to tell anyone for fear of IP theft; you need to talk to people and get feedback.
09:56 The best thing that you can do is talk to your customers and find out how you can get them to PAY you to provide what you’re offering them.
11:47 That would be during an engagement that we had in the past, working with health companies.
14:14 Experience is when the first impression you have of someone and their ability to deliver on a promise. You can even compare it to marriage in a way.
16:48 The ‘meh’ experience – that would be like our cable companies. Ours for instance, doesn’t afford for competition, so as a result, it tends to be extremely clunky; it can lead to alternates like YouTube TV. A great experience would have been with Uber Pool.
20:56 That’s a tough question, as being an entrepreneur, things tend to blend. But for fun, I go on park walks, meditate and just going out in the Big Apple. Also love traveling.
22:55 Well, for me, I got into it through other people and just building a routine. Getting into a Zen state of mind is remarkably simple; control breathing and clearing the mind is all that there is to it.
25:08 Firstly, airplane mode – do not disturb, etc. It’s more of like a ‘tech-life’ balance.
29:04 Streaks – it’s an app that tracks habits that you can input to help monitor yourself and foster good habits.
31:37 1) Think hard and consider consequences of quitting your day job. 2) Be time and energy conscious. 3) Determine when you work at your peak.