62: Kal Sayid | Founder of Pixel Dreams

Kal Sayid is the founder of PixelDreams, which is a design and branding agency that specializes in brand strategy and marketing websites.

May 2, 2017 44 Mins Download (MP3)


1:20 Fasting. It allows Kal to feel human
2:39 Who are you and what is your story?
3:35 What is Pixel Dreams
7:38 How did Kal's upbringing shape him to the man he is today
9:55 How his love life is also his business life
11:25 Management style and what he does for his employees that could be a good takeaway
13:50 Initial struggles in the beginning of Kal's career
15:30 Biggest failure in business thus far
17:10 How raising the rates of his business helped
17:50 Goals
20:50 Lessons on life
22:00 What makes Kal successful (HUGE TAKEAWAY HERE)
26:00 What do you do for fun?
27:40 What is it about reading that get's Kal excited?
28:50 How Kal has become more efficient
31:47 - Resources and tech used - FitBit
33:10 Three pieces of advice from Kal
35:39 Mushrooms and how it unlocks a part of the brain
41:30 How to contact Kal