6: Joshua Davidson | CEO of ChopDawg

Email: joshua@chopdawg.com

Twitter: @dasjoshua

Facebook: @dasjoshua

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dasjoshua

Chop Dawg Website: http://chopdawg.com

February 22, 2016 27 mins Download (MP3)


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If you can’t tell how much passion this young man has, just wait until you listen to the interview itself. Joshua Davidson has been creating businesses since he was in high school. He spends most of his days creating, developing, and growing businesses. He’s been featured on MSNBC, NBC, Fox, Technically, AOL, Mashable, EliteDaily, Huffington Post, CBS, the Examiner, and the list continues to grow! (And now, The Blind Entrepreneur Podcast!)

Josh founded Chop Dawg in 2009. Chop Dawg helps entrepreneurs make great ideas become reality! Building award-winning web, mobile and wearable apps for companies around the globe. It’s been Josh’s’ mission to impact as many entrepreneurs as he can. Josh’s web design has helped their clients turn their brilliant ideas into beautiful products. Chop Dawg has launched a little over 150+ products to date.

Josh has a dying passion in helping entrepreneurs solve their most personal issues in business. He has spoken at conferences, universities and events across the globe. I’ve known Josh for some time now and he hasn’t skipped a beat. He’s electric and memorizing to talk to. Be sure to follow him on social media, he currently has over 500k followers on Twitter, but still has the time to deliver personal responses to each and every one of his loyal “Dawgs.”

Listen and feel the electricity from Josh. You can learn more about his three pieces of advice he’d give to millennials at the 21 minute mark of this interview:


It Took 8 Years To Be An Overnight Success

Jack Dorsey said it best. There are a ton of entrepreneurs that look like an overnight success, but more than likely, they have been grinding for years on end. It’s just you either haven’t paid attention to them, or they are finally getting their big break. Josh is one of those that have worked their butt off for years and are finally getting the attention that they deserve. Even at the ripe age of 22, he’s accomplished a lot. Josh mentions that when you’re starting a business, it’s ok to want to be rich, be your own boss or other ways to fill up the ego.

Every entrepreneur has a goal similar to that, even if they don’t openly admit it. Money and other materialistic things aren’t going to support you when you fall. What drives Josh is that he loves helping entrepreneurs with their ideas and bringing them to life. If you’re not sold on your purpose, all of your other goals won’t stop you. When the going gets tough, you’ll have your core identity and mission to keep your head held high and maintain that drive to succeed!

You’re Not Going To Be Rich At First

The first three years at Chop Dawg, they made around 30k in it’s entirety. Which Josh mentions isn’t a lot, based off of how many hours he spent working on all of the projects. This past year, Josh took a $0 paycheck. He did this to allocate more funds back into his business. This past year he’s been able to quadruple their revenue and are currently having the best year of their business.

Start At An Early Age

Josh had the luxury of starting his business when life was least stressful. Josh started his business at what he believes was the “perfect time.” He currently doesn’t have many responsibilities outside of life. He has to pay for his insurance, car, rent, and material things, but other than that. That’s about it. His wallet won’t be broken by other things, and has allowed him to do things that others may not be able to do.

As Josh closes his three pieces of advice he’d give to millennial entrepreneurs, “If you don’t have many reasonbilities, take the risk and don’t leave yourself wondering; What if…?