42: Josh Hoffman | Co-Founder of Game Plan

Josh Hoffman, 26, Co-Founder of Game Plan, is an app that helps you make better decisions as to where to eat drink and hangout with your friends based off of your personality.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jhoffman610
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jhoffman610
Website: https://getgameplan.com

August 5, 2016 31 mins Download (MP3)


00:45 - Potato Bread, Mayo, Cheese, Turkey, Herr’s Chips, and a Coke
02:20 - Introduction
04:45 - Where Did The Idea Come From?
06:45 - How Were You Able to Get People Bought Into the Idea of GamePlan?
12:20 - Current Struggles of GamePlan
15:00 - Biggest Low Point
17:15 - Habits to Become More Efficient Throughout Your Day
21:50 - Technologies They Use Everyday
25:15 - Three Quotes Josh Lives By

Josh grew up in the suburbs oh Pennsylvania where he want to the University of Central Florida. Or as Josh describes his alma mater as THE Fiesta Bowl champions!  During his studies, he learned a ton about business and further defined his charisma and persona as an entrepreneur.

While in Central Florida he always saw himself moving back home to the Philadelphia region, but what was interestingly enough was during his time away he realized how much he missed the culture of what a big city like Philadelphia had to offer. As Josh would describe, “There are more opportunities out to meet people out here.”

Like most entrepreneurs Josh created the idea of GamePlan in college. There he entered business plan competitions after business plan competitions to validate his idea. He even gained support from his professors and friends throughout the business community. Josh had this idea, it was validated throughout his studies, but what Josh struggled with the most was fining a team of individuals that he can partner with and who also believed in the same things as he did.

When Josh got back to Philadelphia, he worked as an intern at Cloudamize. (A startup in Philadelphia) This was the beginning of his journey to entrepreneurship. During his internship he met one of his cofounders. Josh expressed his idea to his fellow coworker and slowly realized that the two men had similar ideas. One day they met for coffee, shared decks, and realized how similar their ideas actually were. The minute they shared ideas together, they knew they were onto something.

About 6 years later, GamePlan is on a path to solve one of life’s most difficult tasks, finding out where to eat!

During the early days of GamePlan, Josh reflects on gaining co-founders as the hardest thing he’s ever done in his entire life.  Josh states that “getting someone to believe in your vision and join the company, have them quit their jobs, and even turn down internships, is pretty cool. To have them the vision and believe in what we are building has been the coolest experience I’ve ever had.”

“Business is a marriage. the first date is always the hardest.” Josh states that each of his team mates are scattered across the Myers Brigs. Although that causes a lot of disagreements, it comes with four solutions to a problem.

Josh focuses specifically on the things that he’s good at and doubles down on these specific attributes. Josh is more on the business side and not on the technical side of developing. Although the app is code intensive, he leaves that to his other cofounders. But that doesn’t stop Josh at all.

Josh eloquently states “The only limit is the one you set for yourself. To succeed put the business in front of people.” The business itself took time and a ton of trial and error, but eventually it caught on. He remembers specifically of pitching a few of his friends and they weren’t too interested in it. He later came back home from school thinking that he would never be able to get to where he is today and that it would either have never happened.

So here is what Josh did to make sure his dream never failed:

  • Josh created a pitch deck
  • Went up to people who Josh knew were working on a coding project
  • He introduced himself to these people and introduced his idea. Later, Josh handed them a business card and followed up with them after the brief encounter

Josh’ mentality is that he will never see these people again, so why not!

“There are a certain amount of skills that you are given.” Josh knew that he wasn’t good at code and so he found a way to only focus on what he was good at. The struggle was finding out and sticking to the things he’s comfortable with.

The Only Limit is The One You Set Yourself – Celestine Chua

“Life is unknown and as obvious as it sounds, you set a limit on yourself. You say things like, “Yeah, I can’t do that.” Well, just try!” Says Josh.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. – Albert Einstein

“Surround yourself with smarter people and not just smart people in general, surround yourself with smart people in what you are passionate about. Know your strengths, but also understand that you have weaknesses. Society says that the dev guy is smarter, but why!?”

Some people like creating a map and others like following it. You get to choose which one you are. – Josh Hoffman