August 9, 2016 37 mins Download (MP3)


00:45 - Dark Chocolate But ONLY if a Donut is Not Within Arm's Reach
02:30 - Introduction to Huiffy
04:10 - The Power of Email
13:25 - Biggest Problem Small Businesses Are Doing
17:40 - Efficiencies as an Entrepreneur
22:40 - Josh as a Leader
25:25 - How Useful Hubspot CRM Truly Is
27:30 - PandaDoc
29:50 - Get A Job Doing Something You Can Learn, Find Relevant Mentors, and Learn Who You Are And Who You Are Not (Learn Sales No Matter What)

Josh Harcus serves as the Head of Inbound Strategy at Hüify. His experience has helped him steer Hüify in the direction of online marketing. Josh has turned the company’s focus to genuine, measurable, and attainable outcomes that help take Hüify’s clients beyond the stagnating threshold of mediocrity and into new levels of reach for their brand. Josh has consulted brands such as Car and Driver, Springer Global Publishing, and Compact Power Equipment Rental. He has also spoken at conferences alongside Google, Facebook, Bing, and Hubspot.

Josh’ entrepreneurial career started at the age of 11. Josh then went into real estate at the age of 18. At the time his family had an incredible real estate business where they were buying and selling houses that they have flipped for profit. Josh later went off to UNC Randall. Where he started his own DJ business. It was from that experience that he realized that a Facebook event could drive 3k to people to an event, that he can make a lot of money through Facebook, that he can book 6 gigs through internet marketing, and that he social media marketing would be the corner stone to what Hüify is today.

The four year old company has only acted like an agency within the last 2 years. They have an agile team, filled with millennials. During their sudden burst of expansion, Hüify was the number two highest reviewed hubspot partner. In 2015, they 5x’d their revenue, by using some of the most primitive forms of marketing that Hüify believes most businesses are neglecting, email marketing.

“Email marketing is the number one driver for sales. There is so much spam out there, but across the board it’s still a great driving force for sales. Email is so effective, the less you make it spammy. The more you make it fun, it will outshine what others have in their inbox.” Hüify used a number of work flows and email flows, to get one of their clients 100k downloads in under 48 hours.

Hüify did this by creating a workflow, along with questions that potential clients may have. Not only did they answer these questions in a series, but they had a strategic road map to guid customers to move onto the next piece within their workflow. Because they emails were linked properly, had specific images, and call to actions, it was easy for Hüify to see what was or was not working for their client.

The statistics showed, that one email wasn’t converting as highly as others, they could easily go into that email and change the wording, images, and call to actions to help increase conversions. After the prospect goes through each email and still does not become a customer,  the prospect is met with a breakup email. To Josh and the team at Hüify, is the most important aspect to your email marketing campaign.

Here is how Josh would suggest wording your “breakup email”: “We are going to stop sending you emails, we are sad to see you go. Good luck. Then add a funny gif or picture, and you’re done. Some of these “breakup” emails, has converted as high as 80%! Everyone has so many things going on and it’s so easy for things to fall through the cracks. If you can build it, take a step back, and then look at what is actually going it, you can add and subtract to see how you can convert your campaigns better.”

As a marketer, Josh finds that one of the biggest things that small businesses aren’t doing enough of is the lack of involvement with the owner. A lot of owners will say that they aren’t good with this and not good at that, by you not saying you’re gifted in marketing, that’s like saying you don’t want to get involved with the growth of your own company. To learn more about some other mistakes that small businesses are making during the 13:25 – 17:40 minute marks.


Get A Job Doing Something You Can Learn

Think to yourself, if I were to own this place, how would I do it differently. If you think about that in that way and start reverse engineering/deconstructing the process , you will immediately gain an MBA’s worth of knowledge because you will learn what drives value. The same strategies that can apply at a burger joint can apply to a SAAS company. The most important things in life come from experiences. Over the course of Josh’ career, he’s worked over 28 jobs and that’s what has helped him build the foundation to what he has created today. Now, everytime he gets on the phone with different industries he can pull from it and put things together.

Find Relevant Mentors

Times have changed, google wasn’t around when some of these mentors. So listen to the advice and make sure it works for you

Learn Who You Are And Who You Are Not (Learn Sales No Matter What)

If you’re going to be an engineer, a writer, if you learn sales, you can apply those many times in your life. You have to convince the leadership to change and no one is going to know that better than you are. If you can community and get your idea out there, sales is translating value and will benefit you significantly. Develop a Closing Culture, is a book that Josh wrote and if you found value in Josh’ work, check it out. IT takes about how to connect the dots between sales and marketing