Why data matters in your business with Jos Aguiar

Jos Aguiar humanizes data. What does that mean, well plain and simple answer is he helps business owners and executives use the data trapped in their analytics to make better decisions about their marketing.

Some results include:

Taking a manufacturing business from 5 leads p/mth to 75 p/mth for the same spend
Taking a Food Delivery Company from losing tens of thousands p/mth, back into the black
Helping a Utilities Company Turn around their failing advertising from wasting 75 % of their ad spend to turning it into a 500k and rising revenue stream.

October 9, 2018 Download (MP3)


00:59 How's your day going?
01:37 Imagine you just had the absolute best day of your life. Where are you going to eat, and what are you eating, in order to make your day complete?
03:09 Tell me about a time you felt lost or blind in business. What was it like, and how did you overcome it?
03:58 Could you take me back to a point in your entrepreneurial career where you were at your lowest, and go through the psyche of how you overcame that low point?
05:55 You said you humanize data. When I see data, I see business decisions. What do YOU see?
06:59 How would you be able to quantify that?
08:16 How can we receive conversions, and see more sales through advertisements?
13:21 What would you recommend to people to further understand their customers? What has you seen to be the best approach?
14:42 Is there ever a time where you’re looking too much into your competitors?
17:33 How can we determine what is a successful ad?
21:55 Does audience data matter?
23:11 I want to know, based from the people you’ve worked with. The downloadable stuff - does that really turn into customers?
26:09 Do you see success on that end of the coin as well? The part that has to do with downloads?
27:25 What should we look at in order to quantify a good quality ad, besides sales?
29:06 What is your process like, in collecting all this data?
31:04 Can you give us the ‘why’ behind Google Tag Manager? Why should we use it?
33:58 How does it feel like, going into conversations with persons that may be as much into data as you are?
35:09 Is there anyone, living or dead, that you’d like to meet to help your business grow? Who would it be, and why would you want to meet them?
38:32 The Blind Entrepreneur podcast was created for those individuals that may be temporarily blind in business. To those individuals, what are 3 pieces of advice that you could share with them?

Jos Aguiar’s Approach To Understanding Customers

Speak to them. The best approach to me would be to get them on the phone, once you know who your customers are. You just can’t beat human interaction – the reason why great marketers are so great is because they tend to keep contact with their customers. Now, let’s assume that you don’t have the resources to be able to do that immediately. In that case, look at other people in your market; look at the comments that are being made and try to fill in the gaps, in a sense. Or you can try to understand someone who’s like your ideal customer. 

Some Useful Advice From Jos Aguiar

With my advice, I’ll just condense it down into one piece of useful information – ask the necessary questions. Ask them of yourself, of other people in positions that you want to be in, or even your own customers. Know how to ask better questions in order to get better answers. Even your thought process – ask why you think that way, and look into if there’s any alternative, better avenues.