49: Jeffrey Eker | CEO of CultureCloud

Culture Cloud is an app that allows people to connect based off of their similar interest in real time. The app allows you to connect with global travelers and locals from around the world.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffrey-eker-jr-42b8917b
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CultureCloudApp/
Website: http://www.culturecloudapp.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/culturecloudapp/
App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/culturecloud/id1054149384

September 20, 2016 30 mins Download (MP3)


01:00 - Reese's Cup
01:55 - Introduction to Jeffrey Eker
03:50 - Where Did The Idea Come From?
05:45 - What Should American Millennials Be Focusing On?
07:25 - Where Did Jeffrey's Passion Come From?
09:00 - Struggles Early on In CultureCloud
11:35 - Biggest Failure This Far In CultureCloud
13:05 - How Much Travel Has Jeffrey Done?
14:45 - How Does Jeffrey Communicate With His Team That's All Across The World?
16:00 - Types of Resources To Make Jeffrey More Efficient
17:40 - GoogleDrive is Jeffrey's Most Valuable App
18:40 - Stories About Jeffrey's Travels and How Important It Is To Meet People. Also How CultureCloud Helped People Meet For The First Time (Stories From Bali)
21:05 - Case Studies From CultureCloud
24:30 - How Marketing Worldwide Actually Helped CultureCloud Grow
14:45 - How Does Jeffrey Communicate With His Team That's All Across The World?


That’s where your business lies. You can’t do it by yourself. You can have an amazing idea, but you need an amazing team and advisors around you. You need to wear a ton of hats, but you can’t wear them all. For Jeffrey, the IEEE has been his network.

Take Advice

Surround Yourself with people and listen to it. Sometimes it’s tough to listen to things that go against what you’re trying to do, but it’s good advice.

Always Be Optimistic

I don’t sleep that much, but I am doing something that I love. Be optimistic, but surround yourself with pessimist. It’s good to hear. You need people to give it to you straight. Early on we got feedback about a press kit. Those are the types of things that move you forward.