64: Jake Kelfer | Chief Elevation Officer of JK Management

JK Management encompasses everything from book creation, to book writing, to personal elevation coaching, and also motivational speaking. Jake is going to talk about his new book “Elevate Your Network”.

May 2, 2017 Download (MP3)


00:50 Taco Bell!
2:08 The story of Jake Kelfer
7:30 How Jake became a motivational speaker and then an Amazon bestseller
9:45 Initial struggles in business and how Jake overcame them
10:58 What form of media Jake chose when he launched his book
12:35 Marketing strategies to become an Amazon best seller
14:00 What Jake says to those individuals that look at Jake and see a 24 year old guy who hasn't experienced enough in life
15:30 How to elevate your network
17:00 What have Jake's parents been able to do for him
20:25 How Jake maintains his energy
23:01 What do you do for fun?
23:50 What habits that have made Jake become more efficient
25:50 Talking candidly about motivating one self
27:40 Resources and technology used
29:30 Definition of a #Kelfie
31:00 Three pieces of advice for "blind" entrepreneurs
33:09 How to contact Jake