58: Hayk Tadevosyan | Financial Business Owner

Hayk Tadevosyan is a Business owner that helps people prevent two of the biggest financial mistakes people make.

March 28, 2017 Download (MP3)


01:00 - Chocolate with a compliment to coffee
01:40 Born and raised in America, lived there until he was 6. Very common to see travel back and forth. His family moved to Moscow and had a ton of difficulties fitting in. Then, the American dream, became a reality. His father took him to the USA at the age of 13. It took him 15 years for him to be where he is and he loves what the American Dream has given him.
03:30 - Where did Hyke’s work ethic come from? - Hyke hasn’t seen his mother and brothers for over 7 years - His father worked every job imaginable just to make ends meat - First 5 - 7 years was all about hard work and it taught him to never complain about working
05:20 - Financial Mistakes - People tend to not be prepared for a financial devastation and or emergencies - People do not know if the money that they are making them, is allowing that individuals financial freedom
07:40 - What have mentors done for Hyke as a business owner - Great learning experience here. Here is a quote: “Geniuses learn from other peoples mistakes”
10:40 - How Hyke started his agency in 2010
15:30 - How Hyke was able to duplicate his process and allow him the opportunity to learn from others - CAAR - C- Clarity: Clear first what you’re looking to achieve. Don’t be vague. Be specific. - A- Action: Getting out there and just doing it. - A- Activity: The repetitive steps of your process. The routine is everything and you’re not too good for a routine. - R- Replicate: Sharing success and inspire your team.
18:00 - Knowledge bomb. Listen for some great advice to build a team.
18:50 - How did you advertise yourself early on in the business? Learn about obtaining more referrals here: - Youngest approved candidate for the company - Had to achieve 2000 emails and completed a 9 month internship with the company. - Through cold calling, he learned the power of a no - Hyke fell short and only called 1800 people. He thought he failed, but realized that he succeeded and out did his competition by over 1000.
23:10 - Has it been hard to ask for a referral? - See notes and guideline below
27:10 - What Hyke does for fun? - Morning routine and how important it is to have balance with family
29:10 Habits
31:20 - Tools for other millennials - CRM - Piece of paper and checklist. DO NOT close all tabs before you leave for the day - 4 Disciples on Execution- This helps track activity
34:20 - Fears in Business- An average person has fears about tomorrow, but only 2% of them come true. “Be strong and be courageous”
37:20 - How to contact Hayk Tadevosyan

Here is Hyke’s Referral Process as mentioned on the podcast.

Hyke’s Referral Process