51: Gesche Haas | Founder of Trailblazer Ventures

Trailblazer Ventures is a startup lab with a mission to increase female-founded ventures. Trailblazer’s first product is a type of social network called Dreamers // Doers, which helps entrepreneurial and influential women find each other.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gesche
Personal Website: http://www.geschehaas.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/geschehaas
Website: http://www.dreamersdoers.me

September 29, 2016 31 mins Download (MP3)



If Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg Had a Baby


- Dessert, but more specifically with a warm chocolate and vanilla ice cream


- Gesche's Story. Born in Africa, to Germany, Malasia, Beijing, Hong Kong, and New York

- Half German and Half Chinese


- How Trailblazer Ventures Started

- Seeing Initial Impact and How Gesche Doubled Down On Her Passion

- The Product Facebook Used To Be (Curated and high touch community)


- Ah-Ha Moment!

- She Liked Her Job At the Venture Firm, But Didn't Love It!


- How Her Upbringing Helped Define Who Gesche Is Today


- Benefits of Living in The States and Also In New York

- We Are More Open Minded and Focused on Progress and Appreciation For Diversity. There is so much that's happening and can happen with New York's Density."


- Early Struggles of Dreamers // Doers

- Making Sacrifices To Make It Work

- Having a Heathly Mindset


- Things That Were Supposed to Work, But Didn't

- Gesche Tried Starting a Typical Startup, But It Didn't Work For Their Culture


- If you could pitch to one person, who would it be?


- Failure and How Gesche Overcame It

- Initial Incorporation of The Business, and Filing an S Corp in Delaware


- Habits That Have Helped Gesche More Efficient

- Journaling

- Evernote


- Other Forms of Tech Gesche Uses

- Pocket

- Tap Stack


- What Is Your Why? and Embrace Things That People Perceive As Negative


- Gender Roles and Tips


- What Can Men Learn From Women, In The World Of Business


What Is Your Why?

“Realize why you’re doing what you’re doing. Every path that you can pick has certain things that are amazing and crappy. Trying to figure out why you’re going that route. Your idea, who you’re dealing with. Then embrace it. We obsess too much with things that are negative.”

Embrace Things That People Perceive As Negative

“Our biggest strength is also our biggest weakness. Figuring it out and making yourself succeed. For example, I’m creative, but I need structure to execute. Sometimes I worry, I’m not hardcore enough of a business person, but I also know that is my superpower.”