65: Gaurav Bhattacharya | Co-Founder of InvolveSoft

SAAS platform that helps employees in a company to help get engaged with the community.

InvolveSoft ensures that each of your company’s employees feel the platform was made just for them. With 77% of millennials that would rather use their skills or expertise to volunteer for a cause, we personalize the opportunities in the area based on what they are most passionate about.

May 2, 2017 Download (MP3)


2:00 Gaurav's story
4:20 What is InvoleSoft
5:40 Why giving back to the community is so important
9:40 How old was Gaurav when he started this journey
12:10 Struggles that Gaurav has had when building InvolveSoft
14:45 Definition of an emotional sell
16:05 Biggest failure in business thus far
19:50 Gaurav's management style
21:30 Hiring entrepreneurs as employees
23:45 What has made InvolveSoft successful and how he has marketed his business
25:25 What Gaurav's does for fun?
27:45 Does Gaurav have a work life balance?
30:00 Habits and tools that have helped Gaurav become more efficient
32:40 Three pieces of advice for entrepreneurs
35:10 How to contact Gaurav