32: Elizabeth Convery | Founder of VERY Real Estate

Elizabeth Convery, 32, From Washington Township, New Jersey currency rises in Philadelphia. Founder of VERY Real Estate, which is a boutique residential real estate brokerage firm focused on providing an experience around buying or selling a home in the core neighborhoods of Philadelphia.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabethconvery
Website: http://www.veryre.com/elizabeth-convery/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/convery_em
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VeryRealEstate

June 12, 2016 26 mins Download (MP3)


01:00 - Cookies and Cream from Franklin Fountain
02:10 - Introduction and How She Started Very RE on a Dare!
07:50 - How VeryRE is Different Than Most
08:45 - The Passion Behind Hospitality
10:50 - Struggles in VeryRE
13:10 - Internal Struggle Of Self Doubt
14:35 - Work/Life Balance
15:20 - Biggest Failure
18:55 - Leaving a Digital Footprint
20:45 - Drink Coffee, Know What You Don’t Know, and Find a Mentor

On the cusp of her 30’s she asked herself the question: “What am I going to do with my life?” Elizabeth was working in New York at the time of asking herself this question. She was working for a commercial real estate company at the time, but Elizabeth knew she had the entrepreneur spirit inside! As a kid, Elizabeth was that one kid that sold cupcakes to people that more than likely were overpriced.

Elizabeth’s career wasn’t advancing as quickly as she would have hoped, so she looked herself in the mirror and tried to figure out what she loved about being in the real estate industry. Elizabeth started with what she didn’t like, and that was that she hated selling a property and going home that day without knowing much about the person she was selling to.

Elizabeth loved the transaction side of helping someone but hated the part of commercial real estate where you sell and walk away. So used this as motivation to begin VeryRE. Her approach is much different than your average run of the mill real estate company. Elizabeth wanted to take a more relationship building approach. Elizabeth loved the hospitality industry and loved real estate, so why not combine the two?

As she moved back to the Philadelphia area, she found a few deficiencies in the market. There are a lot of big shops in the city, but they have their own niches. With VeryRE. she wanted to take the single most important purchase that we make in our lives and provide an experience in buying a home. Her firm is designed for millennials. “Millennials love service, we love to be cared for, we love the specialized feel and that’s what we did with Very RE two and half years ago.” Says Elizabeth.

Make sure you go back and listen to how Very RE was started. The bond between Elizabeth and her father is inspiring. DISCLAIMER, don’t double dare Elizabeth, it might turn into one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the nation.


Drink Coffee

Elizabeth built her business differently than most. Her business relies 100% on referrals. She doesn’t do advertising and doesn’t buy leads. Every client she has is from a different personal connection from her current clients. When Elizabeth moved back to Philly, she had to reestablish a network. She drink so much coffee it took a while to bring herself back down to one cup a day.

Elizabeth mentions: “Don’t be afraid to reach out to people and ask to buy them a cup of coffee.” If you go into the meeting with a positive mindset to meet people and ask for stories, business will flow from that because you’re genuine… Look for quality relationships. Foster those relationships and relationships will turn into business…”

Know What You Don’t Know

“I’ve made mistakes along the way but consult attorney’s. There are so many things that need to happen to protect you… It’s a wonderful time for the internet, look online for books, blogs, articles, and educate yourself to find the correct players…” Says the owner of Very RE.

Find a Mentor

“Find mentors in various stages in their careers. As an entrepreneur you need a sounding board.” Said Elizabeth. One of the hardest parts in business, was that she didn’t have a peer to talk to. “When you’re a sole entrepreneur, you don’t have anyone. Find someone that can help you and validate you’re on the right track.”