70: Dr. Brandi Baldwin-Rana | Founder of Millennial Ventures

Millennial Ventures Holding Company manages a suite of brands in the leadership and professional development space. Our mission is to make the world better, one leader at a time.

May 16, 2017 40 Mins Download (MP3)


01:19 What is that one piece of food that would make the day complete?
02:10 Tell us about yourself. Who are you, and what is your story?
04:02 A holding company. Could you define the company as a whole, as well as some of the entities under that umbrella?
07:10 Where do you think that millennials fit in this wide world of entrepreneurship, business, etc.?
09:20 What type of things should the entrepreneur be thinking about in terms of leadership, professional development, etc.?
12:07 How important is it that the CEO of a company has a sit down, 1 on 1 support for employees as the company grows? Is that a common occurrence that you see?
14:10 What are some things that, someone thinking about creating a playbook; what should be inside that playbook?
15:18 Is this playbook a service you’d coach them on, or is it something that you’d read or watched to create this systemized process of a playbook?
16:32 I’d like to hear about some of the failures you’ve seen with other business professionals and some things that you’d recommend that they can fix.
19:30 How do you stay disciplined enough to stay in your lane, so to speak?
24:16 What do you do for fun?
25:33 The habits that have made you become more efficient throughout your day; what are those?
29:36 What do you use, technology-wise, to become the person that you are?
34:09 The Blind Entrepreneur was created for those that may be blind in business, may fail to see the obvious and thus, be stuck in a rut. What 3 pieces of advice can you impart to those people?