08: David Feinman | Co-Founder of The Zombie Run and Viral Ideas Marketing (PART 1)

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/David_Feinman

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-feinman-7a069255

Business Website: http://www.viralideasmarketing.com

March 8, 2016 26 mins Download (MP3)


00:30 - Introduction
02:30 - Passion
03:35 - Struggles in Career
06:30 - Processes
10:00 - Things David Can't Live Without
17:30 - Hiring
21:00 - Be Who You Are and Let The Market Dictate Your Business
24:00 - CHEESE!

Let’s face it. Is it really always sunny in Philadelphia? Despite what is being said on TV, we have bad days and at times its gloomy. For David Feinman, the sun is always shining, regardless of where he is throughout the country.

David Feinman found himself in an interesting predicament. David wasn’t looking to become an entrepreneur, you can argue that it found hm. David declares himself as an “accidental entrepreneur.” During his studies, David thought he wanted to be a physical therapist. Eventually during his studies in both high school and college, he found running to be his vice. Not only in the sense of what calms him but also motivates him to be better. In his old neighborhood of Bucks County, David and one of his good friends wanted to run a marathon, but they realized that there wasn’t any kind of marathon within their community. So, they created one. That one marathon segued into a few other businesses and eventually landed on the Zombie Run. The Zombie Run toured the entire country where David inevitably sold the business.

David correlates business into his passion of running. “It’s something you have to start from scratch.” Said David. When David first started running, he couldn’t run well, but eventually he built up enough stamina. (Just like entrepreneurship and business.) David also has a passion for building things. He also likes watching other people grow

Listen to the genuine responses from David at the 17 minute mark of this interview:

Be Who You Are

“Some people by nature are not entrepreneurs! It’s a lot of work. The level of crap is way less glamorous than any book or magazine makes it out to be. On TV shows like Shark Tank, you see the finish line….” There is so much in-between that you simple don’t see. “So if you really want to start a business, I wouldn’t get yourself too deep. Try to start a business while in school or while you’re at your current job.” David suggests to take the Lean Startup approach. “Use less than $1000 to start your business.

Start the business and create an MVP. See where that goes and go from there. “You can do a lot with even just a couple of hundred bucks..”.

Let The Market Dictate Your Business

While you’re trying to figure your business out, test your business. Don’t just go out there and run your business without a chicken with it’s head cut off. Do your research and let the market dictate your business. Don’t do things just because YOU feel like you need to do it a certain way. By listening to the market, you could not only have a better product but could find success much quicker.