46: David Alan | CEO of Proper Knot and David Alan Clothing

David Alan, 30, CEO of Proper Knot and David Alan Clothing, the company’s purpose is to reintroduce people to the modern day gentleman, they want to bring back that feel of the 1940’s and 50’s where everyone was dressed head to toe even to places like the grocery store. It’s their job to turn men into gentlemen but also put these gentlemen in the right mindset to dress professionally.

The Proper Knot: http://www.properknot.com
David Alan Clothing: http://www.davidalanclothing.com/home/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/davidalanstyle

August 29, 2016 30 mins Download (MP3)


00:50 - David’s Food is His Drive and Never Giving Up
03:00 - Introduction to David Alan
05:40 - When did David’s Entrepreneurial journey begin
06:45 - Where did the passion come from?
08:15 - What is the Proper Knot and David Alan’s clothing?
10:40 - What is a Modern Day Gentleman
13:00 - Does The Suit Guy Wear Anything Outside of a Suit?
14:00 - Difference Between A Custom Suit and a Store Brand Suit. NAME DROPS HERE!
18:00 - How David Created A Referral Based Business
21:00 - Biggest Failure This Far
23:00 - Best Habits as an Entrepreneur
25:10 - What Technology David Uses
27:01 - Patience, Believe in Yourself, and Have Fun

During David’s corporate experience in medial sales, he always had a knack for fashion. Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he started his first business at the age of 23. The business did well, but his partners saw the business as a hobby, where as David wanted this business to be his life. David felt that his first business wasn’t going where he wanted it to go, but learned the world of business and even learned what it took to create a sustainable process.

While spit balling ideas, one day David came across a revolutionary idea. He noticed that if you tied your tie a certain way, it changed the entire color of the tie itself. So he came up with idea to simplify the knot making process, this inevitably turned into The Proper Knot. The Proper Knot is an interchange neck tie knot.

When talking about the creation and early struggles of the idea, David recalled when he hired his initial seamstress. He asked the seamstress; “Can you help me and help me make it?” Saying yes initially, 2 months passed and the seamstress kept dragging/leading him on. The first initial deal never worked out, and later went to another seamstress. In 2 weeks time, they had an MVP and seven interactions later, they had the product that is what the Proper Knot is today.

During The Proper Knot’s success, David saw another opportunity. He took the growth of The Proper Knot and used this momentum to spring board his next venture, David Alan’s Clothing.

As you can tell, David is an absolute hustler. David taught himself how to measure his own clothing, reading every book, watching every video, and listening to every podcast in site. To get David Alan’s Clothing off the ground, he started selling suits to his friends to cover costs. Today David has over 12 employees selling his clothing and are growing around 50% each month. David has reached national headlines with this exclusive deals with the American Cancer Society and partnerships with WWE, ESPN, MLB, NFL, and more…

The Proper Knot and David Alan’s clothing’s big push, is to bring back the modern day gentleman. “It’s ok to have a suit on to the grocery store, airport, and/or going out with friends, but it shouldn’t stop there. It needs to go beyond that. Our brands are not only fashion, but a lifestyle; It’s opening a door, letting the woman sit down instead of standing on a bus, and much more…

From a networking perspective: “If one person is dressed head to toe, you’re going to naturally gravitate to that person. If you don’t have to worry about what you’re wearing and what you’re doing, you immediately become more confident and go about everything in life, better.”

For David, The Proper Knot has been an incredible ice breaker in a world where everyone is trying to separate themselves. “This is the first product to disrupt the market since pocket squares. It’s a product that stands out. It’s about being unique and different. The same way you dress is the way you are defined. Before you walk into a room you’re being job. So be the best version of yourself. For me it’s in a suit.”

David takes pride when he leaves the house, no matter what he’s doing. And he believes you should too. As business men and woman, entrepreneurs, it’s an incredible feeling to look and feel good. Learn what that means to David on this episode of the podcast! Focus your intention on the 18:00 minute mark and how David created a referral based business.



Patience is a virtue, I’m the type of guy that wants it now, but I had to step back and say if it happened then, it  wouldn’t have been right. It’s not about starting something, just to start something. But doing something when it’s right

Believe in Yourself

A lot of people near and dear to myself did not believe in me in the beginning but your the only one that submerges yourself in the product. I was told that my idea was stupid. I’d never make it, but that just fuels me. Because your mind set and the way you look at life is so powerful as far as getting to that next level. You can truly do whatever you put your mind to it.

Have Fun

What are you doing if you’re not having fun doing it. Medical sales was a tin of fun, but I lost the passion. I gave up a 40 hour work week to work 80 hours a week.I wouldn’t have changed it for the world, I love my clients, I love the people I’m with. If I could work 200 hours a week, I would.