114: David Abrams CEO of Demio

Demio is a smart webinar platform on a simple mission. From the beginning, we’ve had the marketer in mind and almost every feature we’ve built in Demio has been built with a common goal: make webinars more effective.

Name: David Abrams

Job Title: Co-founder, CEO

Instagram Handle: https://www.instagram.com/itsabrams/

Name of Business: Demio

Website: https://demio.com

October 9, 2017 33 Mins Download (MP3)


01:08 Imagine you just had the best day of your life. Where are you going to eat, and what are you ordering in order to make your day complete?
03:00 What has your business journey been like so far?
06:47 What was one particular time in which you felt blind in business, and how did you overcome it?
08:39 At what point did you discover your purpose?
10:17 How has your newfound reasoning with Demio helped with your business grow to where it is today?
12:13 Why should more organizations become more involved in webinars, and how can webinars help their businesses?
14:26 Could you give us some examples of clients/influencers?
16:58 One of the hardest things to do in business is obtaining your first 100 customers. How were you able to achieve that?
19:05 What are some pre-marketing tactics that you employed? Could you also speak about affiliate marketing?
21:21 Was it difficult to get these ‘big-name’ players?
24:00 Are you a big reader? Is there any book that you are currently interested in?
25:22 What are some habits that have made you become more efficient and productive throughout your day?
26:46 Aside from Demio, what are some tech resources that you use every single day that you just can’t live without?
27:55 What are 3 pieces of advice that you could share with an entrepreneur that’s currently stuck in a rut?

Advice For Entrepreneurs

1) Step away from your business every once in a while and reflect on your journey.
2) Re-evaluate your priorities.
3) Hire great people that are a great fit and add value.

Scaling Strategies for Entrepreneurs

We actually did a long process of building the platform – doing videos and running them on Facebook as pay-per-view (PPV) ads, aimed at our key early demographic. We also launched a free beta version of Demio for people to try out; we got around 1,600 people to test it and give us feedback. We then offered low-discount accounts to the beta testers that would have expressed an interest in wanting to be a part of Demio before our grand launch; we got a fairly healthy customer conversion from that, as well as great brand awareness.