May 15, 2016 21 mins Download (MP3)


00:40 - Introduction
03:50 - The 11 Year Old Entrepreneur
07:15 - Early Struggles in GlassU
11:20 - His Approach to Failure
13:10 - Processes and Procedures to Become More Efficient
16:15 - Shut Up and Do It, Harness the Resources That Are Around You, and Don’t Be Afraid to Share Your Ideas
18:45 - Working out, Sushi, Chicken Parmesan, Steak Frites, and of course, Hershey Kisses from mom!

Glass-U makes full folding sunglasses among other products that are fully customizable for large brands and organizations like Microsoft, NCAA, and many more. Dan graduated from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania of 2015, where he studied business, global change and innovation.

When Daniel Fine was 11 his younger brother Jake was diagnosed with type 1 juvenile diabetes and it was from that moment, Dan first left his mark on the world. In collaboration with his brother, he helped create a non profit that still exists today called Team Brotherly Love. The goal of TBL is help save lives by finding a cure for the disease. The campaign is to get kids more involved and active throughout their community. In the beginning of TBL, to get funds,  they started selling apparel and received donations. They were so young at the time, they didn’t quite understand the concept of money, but they knew people would like to buy products.

This later turned into another business called “Fine Prints.” “Fine Prints” was Daniel’s first for profit endeavor. Stemming from the core profit ideas of TBL, “Fine Prints” was a full service swag factory, selling things like t-shirts, sunglasses, and other materials. His first customers were local schools and small businesses. Continuing his entrepreneurial trend and upon graduating high school, Daniel started a tutoring company along with a friend of his called called “Match Tutor.” Which is a startup that matches tutors and students based on personality and interests.

Upon graduating and a ton of sunglasses in his underwear draw, Daniel created Glass-U. It was created because he wanted to have high quality swag from companies and brands that he loved and didn’t just break upon impact. It took a lot for Daniel to create Glass-U, but because of his existing background and expertise, he fine tuned the kinks out of an existing business model. The problem now, was that he needed the right manufacturer to make this all happen. Dan called three companies that said they could make the product, but all US based companies said no. He later made a few additional calls to China and found the right manufacturer that allowed Dan to begin what is now Glass-U.

Dan mentions that: “Everything relates back to Brotherly Love, it was the beginning!” He was doing sales when he was 12 and it made an impact of who he is at 22. During his younger years Daniel had many aspirations, but he knew he didn’t want to go into “banking.” His mom was a business executive and his dad was a physician, so he has a great set of genes in his favor, but Dan understands business and life. “Everything is a struggle. Nothing is easy.” Dan looks forward to the bigger problems ahead of him.

Here Dan’s story and self awareness at the 13 minute mark. Listen further to Dan’s three pieces of advice he’d give to other entrepreneurs:


Shut Up and Do It

“It’s important to have a persons opinion about your ideas, concepts, business model, but people get caught up and end up not creating something because they are looking for perfection… Just make something! If its digital make a wireframe and get it up, if its a product, talk to a manufacture and make a prototype!” By the time you’re in your senior year of college don’t say, “crap its too late.”

Harness the Resources That Are Around You

“We live in a very fortunate time. We have technology and instant access but we don’t harness it. Look around you and try to understand how to work with the people around you and make the most of it!”

Don’t Be Afraid to Share Your Ideas

“People are afraid that someone will take it, but they won’t be able to do it as well as you! Some people will steal your ideas, but that means something…” So make it better.