7: Chalmers Brown | Co-Founder and CTO Due.com

Email: chalmers@due.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/chalmers_brown

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chalmersbrown

Personal Website: http://chalmersbrown.me

Business Website: https://due.com

March 8, 2016 17 mins Download (MP3)


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Chalmers Brown | Co-Founder and CTO Due.com

At the wise age of 23, Chalmers Brown has accomplished more in his short life than most have in their entire lives! Due.com is now Chalmers’ fifth business, all in which has a particular theme of engineering. Now, not engineering in the sense that he’s creating something tangible but more so building infrastruces/processes and procedures to help people become more efficient throughout their day. Chalmers started his first business in college, with multiple failures and of course successes he’s created Due.com

Due.com is time tracking and invoicing software targeting small businesses and freelancers. Due is on a mission to make payments awesome! Due.com helps these individuals keep track of their time and lets them invoice like a pro. You can keep your times organized by clients, projects and tasks. The system itself is beautiful. The user interface is stellar,

Listen to the charismatic advice from Chalmers at the 15 minute mark of this interview:


Don’t be afraid to get started

Chalmers feels like too many people take too much time to get started because they don’t have the right experience or the right connections. You never know until you try!

Never be afraid to ask for help

You never know what you will actually get out of it and it may work out much better than you anticipate

Don’t be afraid to fail

“Everyone fails at point or another.”