Secrets For Success from the Boldest Women In Business With Carrie Kerpen of Likeable Media

Carrie Kerpen is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, leading podcaster and keynote speaker who pioneered the content as a service industry. As co-founder and CEO of Likeable Media, Kerpen transformed her company from a husband and wife startup to an award-winning digital content studio. Her new book is called Work It: Secrets For Success from the Boldest Women In Business.

March 27, 2018 29 mins Download (MP3)


01:44 Imagine you just had the absolute best day of your life. Where are you going to eat, and what are you eating in order to make your day complete?
02:49 Tell me about a time where you felt lost/blind in business. How did you overcome it?
07:22 Can you speak to what’s in your new book and why people should go out and read it in order to learn from it?
09:52 To the male out there that may be listening to this podcast, do you think that your book can apply to men, just as much as it does for women?
11:25 What would you recommend ways that people can achieve their first 100 customers?
13:41 The initial strategy to grow the business that your partner created – is that still working today, now that you’re the CEO?
15:36 Is there anything that you could recommend to businesses, from a social media standpoint, to get their messages out there, get clients, etc.?
18:18 When you first saw an iPhone case with your book cover on it, what was your thought process like back then?
19:27 Would you write a book again? Would you also recommend people listening to this podcast to write a book themselves?
20:34 What is it about going to plays and such that you like? What has it done for you as a person business professional?
21:58 What is like to be able to work with somebody that you adore and love, in addition to having such a supporting family?
24:53 To the woman watching or listening to this, what are some pieces of advice that you could share?
26:07 The Blind Entrepreneur was created for those individuals that may be temporarily blind in business. To those individuals, what are 3 pieces of advice that you could share with them?

How Carrie Kerpen Recommends Getting The First 100 Customers

This challenge can be especially difficult to the business out there that doesn’t foster a love of sales. My philosophy on the subject can be found in the opening chapter of my new book. It’s called “Your Network is your Net Worth.” I believe that it can all boil down to who you know. But that can be really daunting to someone who’s just starting out, and doesn’t know a lot of people as a result.

However, if you know even ONE person, you can use them to build your network, and ultimately, your net worth. The way to do that is to simply ask. Anyone you know should be willing to help you, just as you would help them. If you know someone who shares a mutual friend with someone you DON’T know and they introduce you, you’re much more likely to get that desired first call. Ultimately, what you need to is to get into as many doors as you can, and then determine if you are converting. With internet companies, it can be a bit different, but I think most things still apply. What’s really important is recognizing who you know and who you meet for your success.

Three Pieces of Advice From Carrie Kerpen

The worst decision you could make is to not making a decision at all. Making a decision, even if it’s a wrong one, will serve you better than just sitting in limbo. Another thing that helps me in making a decision is to realize that worry is just an excuse of the imagination. This last piece can be a bit controversial, but do not focus on what other businesses are doing in order to bring in their profits; after all, you don’t know what they’re bringing down to their bottom. Just focus on building a healthy business, and what comes next will be great.