37: Britt Hysen | Founder and Editor in Chief of Millennial

Britt Hysen, 27, Founder and Editor in Chief of Millennial, Aspiration lifestyle media platform for global influencers of the millennial generation focusing on entrepreneurship and social impact.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/britt-hysen-65237766
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheVoiceOfGenY
Website: http://millennialmagazine.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MillennialMagazine

June 25, 2016 27 mins Download (MP3)


00:40 - Watermelon and/or oranges
02:00 - Introduction
05:30 - Business, Marketing, and Management Major…oh and Brit is an actress as well
08:45 - How Many Hats Do You Wear?
10:15 - Biggest Failure
11:40 - How Difficult is it to Maintain Your Vision as a Solopreneuer
13:25 - Efficiency Regardless of Her Busy Schedule
14:45 - Start of Your Day
15:45 - Duplicating Yourself
18:45 - Thoughts on Millennials
20:00 - Tech Hacks or Lack There Of
24:00 - Theme In Her Interviews From Millennial
25:00 - Know Why You’re In It, Find Out What You’re Good At, and Everything Takes Time
20:00 - Tech Hacks or Lack There Of

If you can’t tell by Britt’s infectious spirit, Britt not only loves group hugs, cares greatly for others, but she’s a awe inspiring story teller. A theme to Brit’s life is her love for the arts. At her core, she is a creative. From copywriting, to graphic design, and to other forms of imagery, she makes sure that with every picture she takes, video she makes, that the content is real, raw, and original.

Millennial Magazine has been a life long journey that all started about seven years ago. Britt recalled a story about her “a-ha moment” for starting Millennial Magazine, it was when she worked at CNBC and the Forbes 30 Under 30 hit her desk. The list of names and their occupation were listed in the issue, but never mentioned who they were nor their stories. Britt saw this as an opportunity to create something unique.

Being the creative that Britt was, she dabbled in acting during her later teenage/early twenty years of her life. She recalled a time during her theater days where she met with the CEO of The Discovery Channel. The successful executive mentioned that: “If you’re not on YouTube, you’re an idiot.” Britt took this to heart. That next day she began to document and record her life by interviewing people and telling their stories through spoken word.

Regardless of what Britt went to school for (which wasn’t journalism or communication, but instead business, marketing, and management) she became a journalist. As a young woman she was passionate about being an actor but it wasn’t what she wanted it to be. Given her background and familiarity with recording stories and the early days of YouTube, Britt had this opportunity to attend Burning Man. Which if you have no idea what Burning Man is, it’s a huge multiple day concert filled with hipsters listening to music, barely showering, and absolutely having the times of their lives. At the concert, she interviewed 25 of the top Burning Man artists. This opportunity allowed Britt to be hired for freelance opportunities to create additional content for other brands. It was at that moment, that Britt knew she was onto something.

During her time at CNBC, Britt’s journalist beat were millennials. On her way out of the industry, she remembered her past experiences and the feeling she had when she received that Forbes 30 Under 30 magazine. Britt used that copy as motivation to create what is now, Millennial Magazine. Britt has used the skills that she has been developing for over 10 years to create one of the fastest growing and popular medias for millennials. During her journey, she made a commitment to herself that she wanted to surrounded herself with people who love their jobs and made a living off of the things they loved.

Another reason for starting Millennial Magazine was to change the perception and connotation that has stigmatized millennials. To Britt, there are always lazy and negative individuals within any generation, and millennials are no different. To Britt, Millennial Magazine is an aspiration brand that highlights what millennials truly are, which is a generation filled with individuals willing to give back, trailblazers that want to push society forward, and harnesses personal responsibility.

Brits biggest strength is speaking in front of large crowds. Britt is looking to focus on the things she is good at, because it has allowed her to grow Millennial Magazine to what it is today and has even allowed her to speak/moderator around the globe.

Head over to the 10 minute mark to when Britt talks about one of her biggest issues, obtaining capital. “You need money to do what you want to do.” Says Britt. Britt has gotten to a level of sustaining herself but isn’t at the level of being incredibly competitive. In this industry, you need a huge team and we don’t have that yet.” What Britt doesn’t have in numbers, she has in commitment and dedication to fulfilling her vision. Millennial Magazine is continuing to grow. Check out the interview below.


Know Why You’re In It

Are you in it for the money, fame, power, passion, or heart? What are you doing to make the world better?

Find Out What You’re Good At

Once you find out what you’re good at, then go out there and find others who compliment you! You need a team and you need balance. If you’re a creative you need to find an awesome sales person. If you’re a creative, you need someone who isn’t a creative, but knows how to work a conversation to close a deal. It’s so important!

Everything Takes Time

You have to be patient and it doesn’t happen over night. You’re going to have to hustle and you’re going to want to hit your head against a wall and think to yourself why isn’t it breaking through! Keep doing it! if you’re really passionate it’ll come with time. Do what you have to do to supplement the income, but always put your business first.