131: Brian Helfman | Cofounder of Startup Island

Brian Helfman, Co-Founder of Startup Island. Startup Island is a shared travel experience for the entrepreneurial minded.

December 14, 2017 30 Mins Download (MP3)


01:06 Imagine you just had the absolute best day of your life. Where are you going to eat, and what are you eating in order to make your day complete?
03:44 Tell us about yourself. Who are you, and what is your story?
10:51 How were you able to achieve your first 100 customers?
15:36 Were you using any kind of template of some sort when initially reaching out to these people, or was it all genuine, from the heart?
16:55 Is there anyone in particular that you would want to meet in order to further your business? If so, who would it be, and why?
18:16 What are some habits that have made you become more efficient throughout your day?
21:20 Are there any resources you use that you can’t live without?
24:26 What are 3 pieces of advice that you would give to a fellow entrepreneur that may be blind in business?

On today’s episode with Brian Helfman we are going to talk about:

1. How travel has been able to help me with personal development

2. Cutting out the noise

3. How travel provides cultural balance

How Brian Helfman Achieved his first 100 customers

For us, we focused on fostering meaningful relationships with strategic partners early on. We didn’t utilize means such as Facebook Ads, or Google AdWords – most of our time and effort went into personal facetiming with those that would become our initial advocates who would spread the word; it was all hustle at first. When we decided to put together our first trip back in 2015, we compiled a list of entrepreneurial student organizations and email the president of each. One in particular was really on board with our product, and thanks to them, we were able to spread the word and acquire more customers. In my opinion, the best way to market is to have a great product. As long as you have that, your customers will love it and will want to indirectly market it on your behalf by sharing it with their friends.

Three pieces of advice from Brian Helfman

B: Number one would be to find your passion. It may be difficult to do; it took me years. Number 2 would be self-awareness – the way you find and manifest your passion is from looking at yourself and figuring what you want out of life, and not conforming to outside expectations. This could be done via travel (especially way from the city). Thirdly, patience. The biggest obstacle I see with entrepreneurs is that they’re too far behind. What I notice nowadays in our social media-centered world is it’s all about the likes, comments, etc. There’s little to no effort put in personal growth and the like, which takes time. There’s no such thing as an overnight success.