91: Benjamin Tyler | Founder of Client Enrollment Academy

Benjamin Tyler is founder of Client Enrollment Academy.  Where he shows coaches, trainers and service based businesses how to attract high quality leads and turn them into clients.

Struggling to get consistent cash flow into his business, Benjamin began leveraging his story and using Facebook to land high paying clients. He now helps others implement these strategies into their business to they can create the lifestyle friendly business they desire.

August 5, 2017 32 Mins Download (MP3)


01:31 Imagine you just had the best day of your life. Where are you going, and what are you eating?
02:29 Benjamin, tell us about yourself. Who are you, and what is your story?
04:46 What have you been able to do with Facebook to be able to leverage that and obtain potential clients?
06:35 What is your definition of the ‘7 to 12 touches’ philosophy?
07:52 Are you doing this all from your personal Facebook page, or are you doing it from a specially made business page?
09:17 How do you make people actually care about what you’re posting and what you’re trying to sell?
11:10 What are some story-telling techniques that you’ve used that have really come in handy for you?
13:40 What are some techniques that you’ve used to be able to bridge the gap between online interest and getting offline clients?
16:28 You finally got a prospect; how do you talk to them to ensure that you can resonate with them?
20:47 What were some hurdles that you’ve overcome in order to get into this current headspace today?
22:51 What are some habits that you use in order to become more efficient throughout your day?
24:53 What are some resources that you use every day that you just can’t live without?
28:00 What are 3 pieces of advice that you could give to an entrepreneur stuck in a rut?


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