15: Arad Malhotra | Co-Founder of Skyless Games Studios

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aradhyamalhotra
Twitter: https://twitter.com/aradmalhotra
Business Website: http://skylessgames.com

April 4, 2016 27 mins Download (MP3)


00:30 - Introduction
02:45 - Passion
04:30 - Struggles of the company
07:35 - Failure
09:35 - Habits and what Brainstorming means to Arad
17:00 - Is there a formula?
18:00 - Everybody Has An Idea, People Are your Biggest Resource, and Be Self Critical, But Do Not Be Overly Self Critical
21:45 - Quote
23:30 - Favorite game?
25:00 - PIZZA!

Please excuse the audio. It get’s better towards the middle/end.

Skyless Games Studios specializes in creating video games for social impact! Arad Malhotra was born in india, but raised in Dubai. Arad later moved to the United States to get his degree in computer science from Drexel University. It didn’t take Arad too much time to realize that the corporate world was not for him. So, him and his two co-founders created Skyless Games Studious.

Although Arad had his degree, his partners were lived a very different path. Arad was focused on tech, where his partners were both business majors. So, how did two business majors and a computer science major get together? They each had a special place in their heart for video games. To create a successful video game company requires a lot of luck. Like most video game companies There were 50 failed attempts to get that 1 thing that worked. They didn’t want to go through the consumer route, so instead they wanted to go the philatrophy route.

Two months into developing these apps, they realized that Google was doing the exact same thing but for free. So they decided to pivot. He was interested in art at his early age, but then took art into computer science. Later, Arad became a gamer and then realized he could make a career out of it.

The general struggle is just not knowing. This was their first real considered effort. The team at Skyless Games Studious needed to understand what they were doing. They wanted to make a business model that was B2b and be educational. So, they partnered up with experts and subject matter experts in their space. Skyless Games Studious tried to go the investors route at first, but getting an investment isn’t for everybody. They were a product company that worked on 1 project at a time. They put all of their eggs in 1 basket, and that’s not what the market was telling them.

You can learn even more from Arad at the 18:00 minute mark. Arad has a wealth of knowledge about business. His experiences are real and raw. Spoken like a true professional:

Everybody Has An Idea

“It’s great that you have an idea, go out and do something with it. Don’t waste time in contemplating if t’s worthy of building a company out of. Just go out and do it! Also, don’t be afraid of sharing it. Most people aren’t as malicious as you may think. Tell people about your idea, they care more about their own ideas, than yours?…”

People Are Your Biggest Resource

“It could be the person to your left or right, your classmate, your professor, the rich or even the poorest in the room, respect relationships and have these people hear out your ideas. Whether it’s good or bad, ask for feedback. The decision at the end of the day is your own, but use your resources to help build your ideas to create something big!…”

Be Self Critical, But Do Not Be Overly Self Critical

“This is another trap for people, they are overly critical of their own decisions and own products, but people (entrepreneurs) don’t realize they are losing all of this time. Entrepreneurs are looking for the pursuit of perfection and it’s never going to happen…”