87: Alex Schlinsky | Founder of Prospecting On Demand

Prospecting On Demand™ is an online mastermind and implementation bootcamp that helps entrepreneurs, marketers, and consultants grow their business by generating qualified leads daily through a proven system of lead-generation and sales tactics. POD™ offers weekly mastermind calls, a full training course, private Facebook community, and also provides digital marketing services as fulfillment offers for members.


Name: Alex Schlinsky

Name of Business: Prospecting On Demand™

Website: prospectingondemand.com/welcome

July 23, 2017 Download (MP3)


00:56 Alex, how is your day going, my friend?
01:30 Imagine you just had the best day of your life. What is that one place & that one piece of food that will make your day complete?
03:35 Tell us about yourself. Who are you, and what is your story?
10:18 This positive mindset – was it always a part of you since you were a kid?
17:05 How does all this confidence transition into a prospecting company that would inevitably turn into a sale?
24:16 Do you have any tips & tricks to help the average person with prospecting?
34:03 You know your customers in and out. What are you saying to them in order to pique their interest in you?
37:27 When it comes to scaling the business, what are some things that we should be looking out for?
40:11 When it comes to the prospecting process, ae there any tools that you use that you can’t just live without?
42:09 How had building a community helped POD, helped you, as a brand?
46:45 What are the Facebook groups that people can search for in order to be a part of this?

Links to the Facebook Page mentioned within this episode:

Prospecting Power House: https://www.facebook.com/groups/prospectingpowerhouses/