Video Games: What We Can Learn From Them And How It Pertains To Business

January 8, 2019 Download (MP3)


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Alex Gilbert

Alex Gilbert is the CEO of Red Queen Gaming, Red Queen makes it easy to create tools designed for video game players. They work directly with game developers to make their game data accessible to talented toolmakers, who use that data on our development suite to create fun, exciting tools for the player community. Alex left his comfortable job where he previously was a metrology engineering (study of weights and measures, diagnostic equipment, anything that takes a measurement) in the Air Force and Lockheed Martin behind.

Quick disclaimer: In the beginning of the episode the audio is slightly pitchy. The team fixed it as much as they possibly could, but it does get fixed about 10% into the conversation.

I’ve personally known Alex for a few years now, we even went to the same high school together. We didn’t talk at all because he was older than me. However, I’ve come to respect Alex an F ton. The guy is smart and ahead of the game so to speak. His company is forward thinking and I’m really excited to watch his success. I feel like Alex’ company is one of those dark horses that because not a lot of people know the industry and it’s not popular, he might fly under the radar so to speak, but is huge within the community he’s invested his time into.

Some of the highlights of this episode are:
– When we talk about the current state of the gaming industry
– The future of the industry
– How developers are making money
– And how Twitch influencers are actually making the gaming industry a better place.

What does Red Queen Gaming do?

“I’ll get into a little kind of gaming psychology real quick for answer that. So in the, in the gaming space, you have what is referred to as Bartol types, bottled types to find essentially the way players like to experience their. So you’ve got four different types of, it’s like a matrix essentially. Um, so you’ve got killers, socializers adventurers and explorers and these types like to experience their games in different ways. So killers, um, they like to dominate their opponents. They’re like to, to improve their skills and become more accurate, let’s say, and what their, what their weaponry and cs go or, or really understand where to, where to strategies for moving through terrain, right? Then you’ve got like socializers who really liked that social component, like the talk make friends, really get into diplomacy. You’ve got explorers mean. So you got that point.

Everyone likes to play games in their own way. You can, they can experience the same game in different ways. Um, red queen. Now what we do is we have a platform that makes it easy for gaming enthusiasts to create tools for game players. So these tools are things like damaged calculators that a killer might use to figure out what weapon to bring into the battle or an interactive map that an explorer can use to discover some hidden objects in the game world. Right? And what this is doing is it’s empowering players to take more control over their own gaming experience. You know, if I can, if I can use a tool meant for an explorer on world of warcraft, that opens up a new way for me to play the game. I can become more engaged with my game. I’m going to enjoy it more because I’m using a tool that I chose, I’m empowered to, to play the game the way I want to.

So, um, with this really does is it’s adding to the experience that a player already gets from their game, you know, and enhances their gameplay. Um, and then of course we can use data that we retrieve from seeing people using those tools to help game developers understand what players want to see in their games. So if somebody builds a, an interactive map for um, for tonight, let’s say now I’m at the Games knows that’s something people want to see and we can say here’s how people are using this map and it really tightens up the feedback loop because epic can understand how people are using these tools outside of the game and they can make their game better. They can see, um, you know, what’s confusing to players, what are the, what’s not in the game that they wish they could, they could do, that’s powerful, extremely closing that feedback loop and getting, getting better information for people who are creating the game and it makes players feel more, more, more like they’re part of the game. Like they’re creating something that millions of players around the world are going to use. If you make a game as a tool for star wars, now you’ve contributed to that lexicon. You’re part of that game forever. You know, you’re part of that universe.”

Are people using Twitch the right way?

Absolutely. People have no idea what they’re doing with, with twitch right now. Like if you look back at, at your facebook statuses back when it came out and like, I don’t know, 2005 or something, you’d be like, I had no idea how to use facebook back then. Nobody, because nobody did. It’s the, the conventions are going to change of how we interact with the, with the medium.