109: Peter Hwang | Co-Founder of Bite App Inc.

Johnathan Gryzbowski

September 20, 2017

On today’s episode we are going to talk about:

1. Taking the leap

2. Understanding where your market is

3. and early struggles with development

P: We’re pretty active on Instagram, but less active on Facebook; most of our potential users are on Instagram, as most of them tend to take pictures of their foods, as well as leave a small review where that’s concerned. With that in mind, we’ve been able to build a following and a small community and we would be active on that platform daily. We would then market the opportunity for a beta test; at least 100 persons have already signed on to the opportunity and we hope that they become our first users when we officially launch.


Surrounding yourself with good, smart people and have a relationship in which you’re comfortable with them critiquing you and calling you out at times. Having an adviser or a mentor can be amazing, but you have to be careful in choosing one. Picking a good adviser can save you a lot of time and headaches. Number two would be to take care of yourself – it’s really easy to not get enough sleep and eat whatever you want. But not just physically taking care of yourself is important – mental health is important as well. Some persons like to go on long walks, some are religious. Do whatever eases your mind. The last piece of advice would be to get involved in what you’re interested in. it can be amazing to see how things fall into place – meeting the right person when you’re out there and network.