How the life of an entrepreneur is lonely

This podcast in particular is probably the most vulnerable I will ever be. This is a real life story and it happened a few weeks ago.

You see, I quit my comfortable job about 6 years or so ago. I didn’t have a plan on what to do, but I knew deep down inside, I had to change something about my life. I didn’t have a mentor at the time, I didn’t even have a friend that experienced the world of business. But it was always something that I was interested in at a very early age.

I don’t want to get too into the origin story, because it’s not important here. What is important is the understanding of where I came from. My parents are both two blue collar, extremely old school individuals. My dad is a truck driver and my mother is a teachers aid in a public school. They given their lives to better the lives of my brothers and I. Something that I am incredibly grateful for and will never take for granted. 

I am sure they’ve experienced risk in their lives, we all do, but in my opinion, this world that I personally live in and some of you live in as well is just different.

The other day my mother came up to me and told me about a position that’s available for a marketing position within her network and thought that I would be a good fit for. 

The very though of this is just slightly confusing to me, but I took the jab on he chin. The conversation escalated and they later voiced their opinions about me, the business, and just life in general. They continuously took shots, some of which I jabbed back to. Several minutes later, the conversation escalated further. We are now yelling back and forth. Trying to get more jabs in on each other. It wasn’t healthy, it wasn’t fun, and it was down right disturbing if there was an outsider in the room.

Here is a family, breaking each other apart. And for what reason?

I later stormed out the house I used to call home and found myself driving back to my home without music, without sound, just me in my own thoughts.

Thoughts were going through my head, anger ensued, and it came to a boiling point where I just began to break down. I couldn’t take this pressure anymore and I had to let it out.

That moment for me, was probably the single greatest moment I’ve had with myself in a long time. Now you’re probably thinking, this guy is a sick bastard, and you’re probably right. I am. But what I realized was that there is beauty in pain. We all go through pain and suffering, but when it happens, we always come out better because of it. 

What I realized is that throughout this disagreement:

  • Not once did I ever question myself.
  • Rethink the way my life would have been or should be spent
  • Not once did I have to soul search to find out who I am, what I stand for, and what I believe in

Even though entrepreneurship is lonely. It’s a life I love. I’ve always called entrepreneurship a beautiful disaster, and that’s because to some degree, it is. The highs are high and the lows are low. But when you go through these highs and lows, the universe gives you as much as you can handle before it spits you back out of its vortex. 

When we first started this journey, I didn’t have many people that I could go to. In fact, there isn’t many people you can go to. Luckily for me, I have an incredible co-founder that I can bounce ideas of it. I have a great support system of friends that I’ve become close with from the podcast, and I’ve even made friends from their friends.

Entrepreneurship can be lonely, but only if you allow it to be.

We live in this massive world where connectivity is within the palms of our hands. You just have to know how to use it. Some of the best relationships I have in my life right now have stemmed from a random cold email or tweet. Seriously, there’s proof of it on multiple occasions. All in which I’ve talked about.