Why Building Relationships Are The Foundation To Success With Jordan Harbinger

Johnathan Gryzbowski

June 20, 2018

Three Pieces of Advice From Jordan Harbinger

The first piece of advice that I can share is if you’re stuck, reach out to your network to ask for help and advice – you’ll be surprised by the amount of advice and assistance that said network can provide for you. In the off-chance that you don’t have such a network yet (or even if you think you do), then I advise that you should start building that well before you get thirsty, so to speak. If you’re already thirsty, dig that well anyway; I would call that my second piece of advice. Lastly, another thing I tend to do is to reactivate your weaker or dormant ties and to keep them healthy; this can grow to be a great asset to you, as well as your network down the road.