Johnathan Grzybowski’s Story

Johnathan Grzybowski is the cofounder of Penji which is a software as a service platform that helps marketing teams receive unlimited graphic design all at one flat monthly rate.

Grzybowski started his entrepreneurial career through a landscaping company. Several years later he had a multi year career at Apple Inc, ultimately leading him to the founder of a digital design and marketing agency called Waterfront Media that he shut down on purpose to focus on his dream. Grzybowski now focuses his attention on what matters most, creating jobs and opportunities for young entrepreneurs in underserved communities across the nation, starting in his now home of Camden NJ.

To further his mission of helping entrepreneurs and businesses across the world, Grzybowski produces the #1 rated business and entrepreneurship podcast called Blind Entrepreneurship. Which features interviews with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business professionals to share their insight on profitability, business development, and growth hacking so entrepreneurs can go out and execute their vision.

About Blind Entrepreneurship

Blind Entrepreneurship was created to help entrepreneurs execute their vision and to guide millennials to profitability.

Blind Entrepreneurship is an interactive business podcast that provides entrepreneurs and business professionals the insight to further execute their vision by listening (and even watching) to the stories of entrepreneurs that have experienced failure, struggles in business, success, and going further inside the mind of the entrepreneurs internal process.

Johnathan Grzybowski has interviewed some of the top entrepreneurs across the globe. Each podcast starts the same way, with an ice breaker! Then, we get into the tough questions about business, later transitioning into the mind of the entrepreneur and what they do on a day to day basis that has made them successful! Lastly, the podcast closes with three pieces of advice that they would give to another entrepreneur that may be temporarily “blind” in business.

Is Johnathan Grzybowski Really Blind?

You’re probably asking yourself; “But Johnathan isn’t blind?”

And yes, you are right, he’s not blind at all. (other than imperfect vision) Johnathan uses the word blind as a metaphor to help those who may be stuck in a rut or temporarily blind in business by simply not knowing what to do, to further move their business along. Asking those hard hitting questions to each guest on Blind Entrepreneurship, allows more insight to the viewers to further enhance their own business. Johnathan hopes that by listening to each podcast, you can take away just one piece of advice, process, or story to find a way to adapt their approach to life/business and make it your own.

As you know, entrepreneurship is not only extremely difficult, but it can be lonely. The podcast is interactive for a reason! Watching an interview on YouTube, Facebook, or even on your favorite podcasting platform will give you exclusive access directly into the mind of the entrepreneur themselves. The TBE Podcast is looking to create a community of like minded individuals that want to help one another achieve success in life and business. Feel free to connect to the private Facebook Group to talk to past alum.