Going From On-line Relationships to Off-line Relationships with Jeff Walsh

Johnathan Gryzbowski

September 27, 2018

How Jeff Walsh Is Obtaining His First 100 Customers

Probably, that’s the hardest part. In my case, everyone can be a potential customer, but you need to figure out what your niche is and start from there. What we did was we started looking at communities that we were a part of; RemoteYear was such a community that both me and my co-founder  are a part of.

We created a network around digital nomads that were in RemoteYear. Once we ran through a beta program with them, we opened up the app to other like-minded communities and serious travelers. That way, we could get a feel of how they can use the app to network within their own communities, as well as each other.

Our first 100 customers were fairly easy, due to having such a large initial base to work with. We’re growing towards our first 1,000 customers by amplifying our numbers with new communities and we’re going to continue to focus on showing the value of their social connections.

Three Pieces of Advice From Jeff Walsh

My first piece of advice is to take a step back and figure out what success looks like at this stage, and not what it’ll look like at the end. Understand what the metrics are and measure it from day one. Secondly, be careful about confirmation bias. Send some ideas to people, including those that may not be in business and see what they have to say about said ideas. And the final piece of advice is to always keep building your network, and don’t be afraid to reach out to them.