How A Body Builder Became A Successful Business Man With Doberman Dan

Johnathan Gryzbowski

April 26, 2018

How Doberman Dan Obtained His First 100 Customers

In those first 9 years, I was fortunate to stumble onto direct response marketing via Dane Kennedy, during those failures. I bought a thing called the Magnetic Marketing System. It taught business owners how to use direct response marketing, as opposed to image marketing for their business. I thought it was cool when I first saw it because this guy basically used this direct response marketing model and sales copy to sell me paper and ink for $397. I technically stole his model and used it sell a self-published bodybuilding course which was an interest for me at the time. That was my first successful business after 9 years of failures. As to getting my first 100 customers, I used a small, fractional page lead generation ad in the bodybuilding magazines. As the Internet wasn’t a viable advertising medium back then, I employed the use of more traditional means. This was a simple picture ad with a number that people could call, and I would then follow up with a sales letter in the mail. Within 12 months, that business was making enough money to allow me to leave my police department job.

Three Pieces of Advice From Doberman Dan

The first piece of advice that I would say, despite being so cliché, is to never give up. Failures will happen; those failures are necessary to lead you to something better, and can often serve as a learning experience. My second piece of advice is to have someone ‘outside of the frame’ to help you see the bigger picture and guide you, if necessary. In other words – get a mentor, hire a coach, or just simply finding someone with a like mindset to assist you. Lastly, there’s a quote a want to leave you with, based on what I’ve amassed from reading: “The only thing more powerful than the word, is the act.” I like this because I know the power of words, as I have made millions with words on paper. But, I can appreciate taking action, despite being blind most of the time. Things need to be taken a step at a time.